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HISTORY PAGE - some notes on past events       

some are placed here so people have the contact info-
(Yes, I've noticed they aren't in the right order - I just move things in batches from the "events" page.
I'll try to fix this someday.  Does anyone actually read this page? Maybe it needs to be replaced by a blog, or discussion, for example.)


November 19 "Tellebration", a national story-telling festival.  This may be organized locally by the "Yarnspinners" group which meets in the Hooks Library, 2nd Thursday evening each month?   (I've had no further word on this, it may not have been organized)

November 20. First Congregational Church is having its Thanksgiving Feast after Church Sunday morning.
Unity Church of Practical Christianity has its Thanksgiving Potluck - the church provides Ham and Turkey, you bring a side or dessert to share. They also have special music starting at 10:15 am.

November 20 11:30 - 3 PM Indian Cultural Center and Temple. Donor Appreciation Event.  Lots of activities. If you've been looking for an event other than a religious service to visit this fascinating building and meet and talk with activists there, this afternoon is an excellent time.

November 22,  Tuesday Interfaith Thanksgiving Service  This year it is at Holy Communion Episcopal, Walnut Grove between Perkins. One of the major interfaith events.
 Rabbi Feivel Strauss from Temple Israel, Dr. Bashar Shala of Memphis Islamic Center, and the Reverend Carla Meisterman of Balmoral Presbyterian Church. A freewill offering will be taken for Just City, a local nonprofit working for reform in the local criminal justice system. A reception will follow in the parish hall. Come all; this is a nice opportunity to build relationships across faith traditions.

Nov 24, Thanksgiving.  Among the services scheduled are Holy Communion Episcopal, 10 AM, with very impressive music.

April 23 - Oct 1. Art Exhibit, University of Memphis Art Museum.  Flying Colors: Asafo Flags of the Fante.
"Cultures worldwide use flags to communicate messages such as identity, intimidation, and cultural values. Flying Colors: Asafo Flags of the Fante showcases colorful flags from the Fante people of Ghana in west Africa."

October 16, sunset, start of Sukkot, the major Jewish holiday commemorating the 40 years in the wilderness. (Appropriately celebrated by eating outdoors, e.g. picnics.)  Temple Israel outdoor picnic, food trucks, 5:30 PM Oct 16th.  Habitat build Oct 16-20.
Brunches, sing-alongs, concert, etc, Oct 17, 19, 22, 23.   The Jewish fall holiday season then ends on:
October 23, Simchas Torah, celebrates the end of the annual cycle of Torah reading (in what some Christians call "the first Lesson, traditional Jewish services include a reading from the Bible - and the first five books are read in their entirely every year in traditional synagogues. On this date the end of Deuteronomy is read, the scroll is rewound, and the start of Genesis is read. A very colorful and festive ceremony.
Temple Israel:  best service for visitors is Sunday 7 PM, refreshments follow; Memorial service 9 AM Oct 24.

October 19-20 ??  Habitat for Humanity. I'm a bit bewildered by the build schedule of Habitat for Humanity of Memphis,
Is there a list of build schedules somewhere on its web site?  Anyway, Temple Israel has put out a call for volunteers to come help build on October 19 and 20, 7:30 AM- 1 PM.  Age over 16, work clothes.  There is a neighborhood clean-up day October  18, 3:30-5 PM, and a teen build day on October 16.
Information 761-3130.

October 20, Marcus Orr Lecture. River Room, 3rd floor University Center, U of M. Reception 5:30, Lecture at 6
Born-Again, Seen-Again James Baldwin: State Surveillance, Afro-Pessimism, and the Literary History of Black Lives Matter
William J. Maxwell is Professor of English and African and African American Studies at Washington University in St. Louis.

October 21, 5:30-7:30 PM, exhibit opening reception, Ross Gallery, Plough Library, Christian Brothers University.

October 22, 10 am - 2 pm. Program by Yasir Qadhi at the Memphis Islamic Center. Would you really like to hear some details of Islamic thought? A workshop on the Islamic notion of paradise as represented in the writings of the scholar Al-Tirmidhi (see Wikipedia for more on him.)  Lunch will be available for purchase.

October 22, 3 PM, Indian Cultural Center and Temple.  "Living well today and tomorrow: Actionable strategies and an exploration of options for your portfolio". A financial planning seminar, free, by a man in the financial planning business.

October 22, Saturday, 6:30 PM. Book Launch.  Quran Topics, By Tanvir Kazmi. Grove Park Clubhouse, 1858 Johnson Road, Germantown.
Tanvir has long been an extremely active and visible member of the Interfaith Community in Memphis, and he has been working for years on a presentation of the Quran that will make it easy for English speakers to follow and understand. If as a non-Muslim you've ever tried to "look something up" in the Quran or wonder what the Quran has to say about a topic, you may have known that Tanvir is the person in Memphis to ask!  I'm very excited to see his book available and hope that the interfaith community will turn out for the occasion. (Obviously, I also expect the book to be helpful for English-speaking Muslims and Muslims who are not Quran experts but get asked questions about what the Quran says.)
Poster is here. 

October 23, St John's Episcopal. Blessing of the Hounds. Hunting dogs are invited to the 10:30 AM Service. (I don't normally mention "regular scheduled services" on this page, but some are too unusual to pass up...)

October 23, 4 PM. Second Baptist Church. "Join Thistle & Bee Sunday, Oct. 23 at 4 p.m., on the lawn of Second Baptist Church at 4680 Walnut Grove for the third annual Scarborough Fair! In this mash-up between a fancy tea party and a get-down cook-off, there will be a festive competition featuring your herbal and/or honey sweetened creations. Rain or shine! A $20 donation suggested per family. All proceeds will be used for Thistle & Bee’s workforce preparedness program. Register and learn more

October 24. Facing History Annual Benefit Dinner  ($250, but one of the major interfaith events of the year,)

October 25, 6:30 PM.  St Mary's Episcopal Cathedral, Interfaith meeting of Gay-Lesbian Groups. All are welcome; come learn how these groups are doing. (The Episcopal group has invited the Catholic group, in this case.: "
October 25: Our next multi-faith gathering.  This month we travel to St. Mary's Episcopal Cathedral Church on 700 Poplar Ave as invited guests for mass and potluck.  Please join us at 6:30 in the Sisters Chapel for mass with potluck dinner immediately following in the Undercroft of St. Mary's.  This is a wonderful opportunity to meet other faith-based lgbt ministries within our city and further build our community and friendships."
October 27, 12:30 PM, Marcus Orr discussion, University of Memphis, University Center Room 342,
Professionalization Session: Writing for a Popular Audience = Jack Hamilton, University of Virginia
Join us for a lunchtime discussion about sharing your humanities research with a popular audience.

October 27, 6 PM. Communities in Conversation lecture, Rhodes College:

Michael Bess Icarus 2.0: Biotechnology and the Future of Humans
enter from University Avenue, gate attendant can give directions,

October 28-29, Workshop at Masjid Ar-Rahman,
($25) 7906 Lowrance Rd, Memphis 38125. "The Eternal Challenge: The Limits of Science and the Miracles of the Qu'ran."
Talks at the 1 PM Friday service at Masjid Ar_Rahman, Friday evening at Memphis Islamic Center, the main program Saturday 10 am - 6 pm at Masjid Ar-Rahman.
You may enjoy reading the description of the program at

October 28, Friday 7:30 p.m., Calvary Episcopal Church. CHANTICLEER, a GRAMMY-award winning men’s choir, sings a program entitled “My Secret Heart.” Charge.  Over 100 tickets for this concert have sold! Visit to purchase your ticket today. 

October 29, 10 - 1. Free Flu Shots at the Indian Cultural Center and Temple.

October 29, Trunk or Treat, Various Churches.
Many churches now do this - e.g. distributing candy from decorated car trunks.
E.g., Unity Church of Practical Christianity has one at 6:30 PM, well east on Germantown Road with bonfire, wienie roast, s'mores. :
St Mary's Episcopal Cathedral has a daylight one downtown, 1-2:30 PM.

October 29, 9 PM. Adult Hallowe'en Party for Church Health Center.

Sinners For Saints II Halloween Ball

Saturday, Oct. 29 @ 9 p.m.

354 Madison Ave.

Celebrate Halloween at the biggest and best party in Memphis while supporting Church Health! Hosted by Sinners For Saints, this 21 and up Halloween bash includes entertainment, light appetizers and drinks, and Amurica Photobooth. Tickets are $40 and costumes are strongly encouraged. Proceeds support Church Health.

Click here for complete information.

October 30, 4 PM, Phantom Phavorites Concert.
St. Mary's Episcopal Cathedral.

October 30, 12-1:30 PM, St Marys Episcopal Cathedral, Farmers Market.
An experiment, with products from several church-related groups and projects.
For example, bread baked by a bakery established to employ homeless persons who have attended the Wednesday morning breakfasts. FGor more of what is featured, see

October 30. 1:30-4:30 PM. Family day at St. Columba Episcopal Conference and Retreat Center,   4577 Billy Maher Road, Memphis, Tennessee 38135         
A good chance to see this facility, a location for business meetings, nonprofit retreats, church gatherings, family reunions & other special events.
Free admission for this event,  there is a "high adventure" ropes, climbing, zipline course for which the charge is $10 (closed toe shoes required).

November 1. The usual first Tuesday meeting of the Catholic Ministry to Gay and Lesbian Persons has been moved this month to the second Tuesday, Nov 8.

November 1-7 Indie Memphis Film Festival

November 3.
Marcus Orr Lecture. River Room, 3rd floor University Center, U of M. Reception 5:30, Lecture at 6
Inequality: Global Histories and Modern Concerns
Patrick Manning // University of Pittsburgh

November 3, 5 - 8:30 PM. St. Mary's Episcopal Cathedral.  "Fearless Dialogues", with dinner.
"Dean Dimmick Courageous Christianity Speaker Series in memory of John T. Fisher. Fearless Dialogues is a grassroots non-profit initiative committed to creating spaces for unlikely partners to engage in hard, heartfelt conversations that see gifts in others, hear value in stories, and work for change and positive transformation in self and other. "  Info

November 5, Lobsterpalooza, Calvary Episcopal Church.  "
Purchase tickets ($30) to the second annual Lobsterpalooza Saturday, Nov. 5. The proceeds of this year’s event will benefit Work Local, the Hospitality HUB’s program initiated by Calvary to decrease panhandling, to clean blight, and to employ those in need. Look forward to live and silent auctions, music, a delicious lobster dinner, and more! Tickets can be purchased online."\

November 6, 4:30-7:30 PM, St Mary's Episcopal Cathedral. Workshop: RESTORE TO WHOLENESS: How the Church Can Help Families Heal from the Disease of Addiction. Details at

November 6, Sunday, 6:30 PM.  Shrimp Dinner at Holy Communion Episcopal, to raise money for youth pilgrimages.

November 8, 6:30 PM. Catholic Ministry to Gays and Lesbians. Potluck supper and speaker.
(All are welcome, it is an outstanding speaker series, no need to bring anything for the potluck the first time you come, or any time it is difficult.)  Marian Hall, under the sanctuary at Cathedral of Immaculate Conception, easiest to enter from the parking lot behind the church.  (Moved from Nov 1 due to All Saints.)

November 8, Pax Christi, the Roman Catholic Peace group, meets at the friends meeting house, corner of Walnut Grove and Prescott.  6:30 PM potluck supper, 7 PM speaker.  (This seems to conflict with the meeting above; will it move?)

November 10
Marcus Orr Lecture. River Room, 3rd floor University Center, U of M. Reception 5:30, Lecture at 6

Our Ocean has Become a Graveyard: The Social and Environmental Crisis in Southern Chile’s Archipelago of Chiloé

Anton Daughters // Truman State University

November 12-13. The Episcopal Bookshop, at St Mary's Cathedral parking lot, 6723 Poplar Ave., has an exceptionally large and fine collection of religious books and giofts. It normally has just weekday hours, but will be open 9:30-4:30 Saturday and 9-1 Sunday on this weekend.  If you've never visited this, you need to.

November 18-19: Convention of the Episcopal Diocese of West Tennessee, Mt. Mary's Episcopal Cathedral.  Volunteer helpers wanted.

November 15, Tuesday, 6 PM. Benjamin Hooks National Book Award Winner:    Eye on the Struggle, speaker is author James McGrath Morris. 
The book is about Ethel Payne, "First Lady of the Black Press"
River room, University Center, U of Memphis. (Refreshments 5:30)  More info:  

November 15 6:30-8 PM, BRIDGES event (donors invited) honoring Jim Boyd, longtime leader of Bridges.

November 19, Free Concert, Trinity United Methodist Church, 1738 Galloway. The Beethoven Club presents The Grace Chamber Players.

Sept 30, 7:30-10 PM.  Memphis Islamic Center, Visiting Speaker. "Mothers of the Believers. The Context and Reasons for Marriages of the Prophet."        RSVP

October 1, Frayser Fall Festival, 11 am - 3 pm, Ed Rice Community Center, 2907 N. Watkins.

October 1 - 10 - special services at Indian Cultural Center and Temple,
  Colorful processions, an excellent chance to visit this fascinating Temple.
Schedules and details at

( I find it of interest when lunar calendars get slightly out of synchronization. Last year the Jews and Muslims had special events the first ten days of the same lunar month; this year the Muslims had theirs a  month earlier and the Jews and Hindus both have it this lunar month.)

October 2. 4 PM. Blessing of the Animals, St. Mary's Episcopal Cathedral.
Bring pets on leashes or in carriers. Kids but no pets? There will be a petting zoo.

October 2, St John's Episcopal. 10:30 service - invites police officers to attend in uniform to be honored.
 Blessing of the animals at 4 pm, Overland Place Athletic field.

October 2 is the International Day of Nonviolence.  I only know of one event so far about this, a meeting in a private home 2-5 PM with a prayer service in observance of this special day, followed by a discussion of the statement from The Nonviolence and Just Peace Conference: An Appeal to the Catholic Church to re-commit to the centrality of Gospel Nonviolence.  I suspect many attendees will be from Pax Christi, the Roman Catholic peace group.  Rsvp to  for further information and directions.

ROSH HASHANAH. the Jewish New Year, begins at sunset Oct 2(Sunday). Traditional Jews have a two day holiday, Reform Jews one day; the first ten days of the month are the "ten days of repentance, culminating in Yom Kippur, "The Day of Atonement", starting at sundown  October 11.
All the synagogues in the city will have numerous events and special services. If you'd like to visit and are not comfortable with Heebrew, you'll find the most English at Temple Israel.
    Services October 2, 6:15 and 8:45 PM (same done twice, to fit everyone in.)  October 3, 10 am at Temple, 4:30 PM at Shelby Farms.
    October 7, 6:15 PM (reception 5:45),  October 8 10 AM,  October 9 11 AM at cemetery, October 11 6:15 and 8:45 (repeated)
    October 12 services at 10 am, speakers and classes all day, various service 4:15 pm - sunset.
    More detail in newsletter at
Can't get there? Many of the services are online at
One  of the speakers on the afternoon of October 12 will be Cornell Brooks, Chief Executive of the NAACP.

October 4, 7 PM.  Book Launch,
The Book of Isaias by Daniel Connolly at the Booksellers at Laurelwood (387 Perkins Extended, Just N. of Poplar).  Daniel is a reporter for the Commercial Appeal and has spent five years researching and writing this non-fiction work about the challenges faced by children of immigrants, so the book will be of special interest to many of us. Much research involved immigrant children in our Memphis schools. Many interfaith activists will also know his father Leo Connolly,  retired professor of German at the University of Memphis and performer in various local singing groups including the Rhodes MasterSingers.

October 4, First Tuesday Potluck, Catholic Ministry to Gays and Lesbians (but everyone is welcome). Marian Hall, under the sanctuary at Immaculat Conception Cathedral (enter from the rear parking lot.) 6:30 PM.  "We are honored to have again as our guest speaker, Rev. Lisa Anderson, pastor of Colonial Cumberland Presbyterian Church in Memphis. Reverend Anderson is leader of the General Assembly of Cumberland Presbyterian Church which has over 75,000 members.  She will be speaking to us again about progress made this year with Room in the Inn: an ecumenical program of outreach to the homeless in our community for which she serves as acting director in Memphis.  After hearing her speak last year,  IC became a host location serving every other Sunday.  This year, we have expanded our ministry to serve every Sunday evening (Nov - March) and we hope you will come join us next Tuesday as we hear about ways we can further help in this ministry of serving the most needy in our community.  As always, bring a friend or two and whatever dish you want to share!"  (There is always plenty of food. If you are a first-timer, no need to bring anything.)

October 6, Thursday 3 PM, Marcus Orr Panel Discussion, U of Memphis, University Center Room 363
Humanities on Campus: Transnational Scholarship in the Humanities

October 6, Major Hooks Institute Event. Reception 5:30 PM, program at 6 PM:
Bridging the Great Divide
2016 Hooks Institute Annual Open House and Release of 2016 Policy Papers!  Rose Theater, U of Memphis
Creating Access for All and Memphis Public Transportation
A Move Away from Policing to Public Policy Interventions
Uplift the People: A Focus on Community Interests Rather Than Political Ideologies
see more at

October 6  6-10 PM. Feed the Soul, Fundraiser for MIFA.  $45. 
The Warehouse at 36 East G.E. Patterson Avenue. The party takes place inside this eclectic South Main district venue and on its surrounding exterior patio and grounds. This has been an annual event raising money for seniors and families in crisis. This is the last year in this format; next year expect something new for MIFA's 50th anniversary.

October 7, Friday, 7 PM:  Co-creating Sacred America. $25 Workshop, Unity Church of Practical Christianity,
9228 Walnut Grove, Cordova.
Two hour workshop: Can we bring our spiritual practices and principles into the public sphere in a way that is unifying rather than divisive?
Poster at 10_7_2016.jpg

October 7, 7 PM (doors open 6:30), Muslim Comedy/Action  Film  "American Sharia"
at Rose Theater, U of Memphis,  Tickets $18-$20, Advance tickets $15,
Sold only online. 

 View the movie trailer here:

October 8, 5K run, "Million Calorie Burn",  Cooper Young Neighborhood, First Congregational Church. Registration Fee: Starting at $25 Common Table Health Alliance

October 8, 5-9PM, St. Philip's Church, Low Country Shrimp Boil.
$25 to Oct 2, then $30.
9380 Davies Plantation Road, just north of the Stonebridge Golf Course and I-40. Directions at
October 9, 3 PM. Prizm Ensemble Chamber Music Concert, David Lusk Gallery, 97 Tillman Rd.
   For tickets, call Marsha Evans 901-758-0150

Program and Details at
(this is part of the Prizm Ensemble program at Shady Grove Presbyterian Church; some excerpts from these pieces will be in the church service at 10:30 AM.)

Oct 14, 4:30-7:30 PM Art Exhibit opening reception, University of Memphis Art Museum,

October 15  Octoberfeast, picnic of St. Mary's Episcopal Cathedral
, in Somerville. 10 am - 3 pm
One can buy tickets (adults $10 on their online pledge form, which I've given the link to since I've rarely seen such an elaborate online pledge form, at

October 15-16. "Advancing Mindfulness"     (Invitation from Munoj Jain)

Two-Day Residential Meditation Retreat
Sat Oct 15 at 9 AM in CDT to Sun Oct 16 at 1 PM in CDT

St Columba Episcopal Conference and Retreat Center in Memphis, Tennessee

Current art exhibits at the Ross Gallery, Plough Library, Christian Brothers University,
To October 12:
"Seeking Salvation",
photography by Paul Clarke.
"Hapax Legomena", Artwork by Cory Dugan

Sept 30
 THE ELECTION IS COMING.  VOTER REGISTRATION DEADLINE for new voters, those who have moved, etc., is 30 days before the election which is on Nov 8th this year, the last possible day.  Registration info, Candidate lists, voting locations, schedule for early voting, etc. are at

The Memphis Crisis Center: The Memphis Crisis Center desperately needs volunteers who are caring, committed, and reliable. While they handle some high-risk calls, the large majority of the calls come from individuals simply struggling with sadness, loneliness, emotional problems, or a difficult life challenge. Training is provided and volunteer times are flexible. MCC shifts are: 7:30 a.m. - 1 p.m., 1-5:30 p.m., 5:30-11 p.m., and 11 p.m.-7:30 a.m. The next New Volunteer training is Saturday,  Sept. 10 from 9 a.m.-5 p.m. at 70 North Pauline, on the campus of the University of Tennessee Health Science Center. Email to reserve your spot.  

Fall Programs for the Memphis School of Servant Leadership start Sept 7.
  Groups for reading, writing, studying, praying, visiting interesting churches.  Highly recommended!

30 Days of Opera - free programs by the Memphis Opera, to introduce opera to new audiences
(and great fun for everyone)

There is a course on Jewish Music: From the Bible to Barenboim; Four Thursdays starting Sept 8, 5:30-7:30 PM.  $140

The Meeman Center for Lifelong Learning at Rhodes College
King Hall, 577 University Street

May 23 2016 is the first time I feel I've done a reasonably thorough update of this page since my wife's final illness.  I've deeply appreciated all the messages and offers of support and the visits. Thanks for bearing with me, and apologies for all the events that did not get posted in a timely way!


My work here has been delayed by dealing with my wife's death and estate. I hope that I'm (slowly) getting back to normal.

My wife, Eunice Ordman, died on April 16. (Nearly 92, heart trouble). There was a wonderful article by David Waters.


The Calvary Episcopal Newsletter is on line at
Breakfast for the poor and homeless Sunday mornings 6-8 AM, volunteers wanted; Breakfast for those who can pay between the 8 and 10 AM Sunday services, $5 adults, $3 children, to support the homeless breakfast!  There is also a community clothes closet open every Sunday morning for those in need;
special needs include men’s work boots, pants, jeans, socks, belts, eyeglasses, and fleece jackets. There is also always a need for blankets, small toiletries, and sleeping bags.

Sept 23-25. Mid-South Pride Festival.    What was "just" a parade is now a three-day festival. The Parade is Saturday Sept 24 1 - 2 PM on Beale Street. Many religious and charitable groups march to support LGBT(etc.) rights, 

Sept 26, Monday, 1 PM, Webinar about Election.
Catholic sponsorship, Sister Simone Campbell of "Nuns on the Bus". 
Register at   to hear it live or get a recording.
An unusual chance to hear a discussion about religious values and the election, since most houses of worship are afraid to talk "politics."

Sept 28, Wednesday, Lunch and learn at Temple Israel: Rabbi Feival Strauss, "An Interactive History of Israel in Four Objects: The Shofar" (ram's horn, blown every weekday this month in preparation for the Jewish New Year.)  Bring a bag lunch, drinks and cookies provided.

Sept 28, 12-1 PM. Wednesday. Dixon Art Gallery   Talk:  "American Artists Against War,  1935-2010"  This is part of the "munch and learn" series: usual Museum admission charge, bring lunch if you wish, drinks provided, tables to sit at during the talk.
Dr. David McCarthy, Professor of Art and Art History, Rhodes College, author, speaks about his book.

Sept 28, 6 PM, Classical Dance performance at the Indian Cultural Center and Temple.
(free, donations accepted.)
A specific invitation has been made to the interfaith community.
The dance performance at the temple will be spectacular and very different . It's the traditional dance from Kerala state and the masks and eye make up is what makes it different. It will be a visual treat and very very different."

Sept 28, Weds, 6:30-8 PM, Voter Participation Program  
Neshoba UU Church, 7350 Raleigh Lagrange Rd, Cordova, Tennessee 38018
This non-partisan training will teach community groups and unaffiliated individuals how to protect voters and our democratic election process.
Attendees will learn about Tennessee election laws and leave the training able to:
1) Serve as appointed poll watchers inside precincts,
2) Assist voters who have been turned away from the polls, and
3) Report voting problems and irregularities to the appropriate persons and organizations.
For questions or childcare requests, please contact or call 901-877-8911.

Sept 29. Church Health Center. Free Training: First aid for Mental Health crisis.
Did you know that you are more likely to encounter someone experiencing an emotional or mental crisis than someone having a heart attack? The good news is that you can help them. Church Health Behavioral Health will present a free Mental Health First Aid USA training from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. on Thursday, September 29 at 1115 Union Ave. During this training, you will learn a 5-step action plan to offer initial help to people demonstrating symptoms of a mental illness or a crisis, and you will be equipped with the tools to connect them with the appropriate professional, peer, social or self-help care. To register, please contact Denise Hensley at or (901) 701-2309. Registration deadline is Sept. 23. "

Sept 29,. arrive 5:30 PM for 6-8 PM program, , Facing History Event. Facing Ourselves: How Do We Deal with Difference?. 
Margolin Hebrew Academy, 390 S White Station Rd, Memphis. Free but registration is required. 
Register at
Sept 29, 6 PM, Humanities on Tap.  Hammer & Ale, 921 Cooper St.  Discussion with Marcus Orr Center Fellows. For an explanations, see

Sept 9 -29 Temple Israel Lobby,  Women's Foundation for a Greater Memphis' 2015 & 2016 Legends Award Art Exhibitions

Fourth Saturday, 3:30. Pranic Healing Meditation, through September ,by Mona Winfrey at Unity Church of Practical Christianity. $20. 
Info phone 901-831-5550

Fridays: The Dixon Gallery and Gardens - Food truck Fridays April-Sept, 11:30-1:30;
outdoor movies 8 PM on May 26, June 2, June 9, June 23.  These and others at

Sept 23. Violin Concert, Calvary Episcopal, Bach Chaccone. "Grief and Redemption for the Solo Violin: Hidden Chorales in the Bach Chaconne"
Gregory Maytan, violin.  Concert at 7:30, explanatory talk at 6:45.

September 25. 2 PM  Concert to Benefit the Elie Wiesel Foundation for Humanity. Amro Music, 2918 Poplar.  Minimum contribution (tax-deductible) $15. Steve Katz, Rabbi John Kaplan, Rabbi David Julian, Amy Nabors, and others.  These concerts organized by Steve Katz are always fantastic, usually a mix of religious and secular music.

Sept 23,  Friday. Nonviolence Memphis Events.  tentative goal: " is to get 20 organizations in Memphis to stand at different
intersections across the city from 5:30-6pm, with banners that say "Nonviolent Memphis" and
the organization underneath. Then convene at a central place at 6:30pm for a gathering/
celebration, Location TBA (ideas - Nathan Bedford Forrest, Overton Park    A draft poster is online HERE

Holy Communion Episcopal has its newsletter at
Interesting current events include a picnic Sept 11, an interfaith discussion the morning of Sept 18. 5K race Sept 17, Parish retreat Sept 25.

Sept 10, noon - 2 PM, Invite from Black Lives Matter:
North Memphis Love, Peace, & Healing Block Party 
1099 Springdale St, Memphis, TN 38108-3041  Explanation and details at

Sept 10, 11 AM - 7 :30 PM Indian Cultural Center and Temple. Ganesh Nimajjan.  A LARGE CROWD IS EXPECTED.
For schedule, parking arrangements, etc., see   A major and colorful annual festival.

Sept 10-11.  Bike for MS. Bike-riding fundraiser for medical research, I think. Note sent by Temple Israel.

Sept 12 and 13.  WKNO shows DUTY OF THE HOUR, a movie about Benjamin Hooks, a major Civil Rights leader from Memphis.
Duty of the Hour airs Monday, September 12th at 7:00 p.m. and also airs Tuesday, September 13th at 1:00 a.m. and Friday, September 16th at 3:00 a.m. on WKNO/Channel 10. It also airs Tuesday, September 13th at 7:00 p.m. on WKNO2 (digital channel 10.2 or Comcast channel 910)

Sept 12, Eid El-Adha. The most important Muslim holiday, commemorating Abraham's willingness to sacrifice his son Ishmael. Special services in Mosques during the ten days leading up to this.  The large community service will be at 9:45 AM, Cook Convention Center.  There will be a large crowd, arrive early. Parking $10.

Sept 13, 4:15 PM. Memphis Opera skit on the front porch of the Memphis Theological Seminary.

Sept 14, Wednesday, 5:45 PM.  6th Annual Joint Dinner of Masjid Al-Noor and St. Luke United Methodist Church. All invited.
   Click here to RSVP.
Please RSVP by Sunday Sept 11.
Location: St. Luke Cafeteria (480 South Highland St Memphis, TN 38111)
This year's dinner is hosted by our neighbors (St. Luke UMC) & catered by Tom's Barbecue
* Parking is available at St. Luke Church
* Babysitting provided
For more information, please email: or call 901-432-0761

Sept 15, Marcus Orr Program, U of Memphis, 304 University Center. Reception 5:30, program at 6
Memphis Reads - Screening: Spike Lee's When the Levees Broke, Parts 1 and 2
(see also Sept 22:  These events will consider the meaning and impact of Hurricane Katrina. They are organized in conjunction with Memphis Reads, whose 2016 book selection, Salvage the Bones by Jesmyn Ward, focuses on the days before the storm hit in a poor, rural African American community on the Mississippi gulf coast.  )

September 15 Thursday - James Award, Fundraising Dinner for Planned Parenthood.  $275. info Grace Weil, 901-725-3008 orgweil @

Sept. 16-18 SOULWORKS weekend at St. John';s Episcopal.  3-day daytime spiritual development event.

Sept 16 - 22. Indian Cultural Center and Temple. Series of programs (in Hindi).  Tea and snacks 4 PM, program, dinner at 8 PM.

Sept 17  9 AM.  Book It 5K. Holy Communion Episcopal. Race to benefit   Books from Birth and Emmanuel Center.

Sunday, Sept 18.  Evergreen Presbyterian Church has sold its building, on University Ave., to Rhodes College.  They are having a housewarming at their new location,  1567 Overton Park Avenue.  Coffee and Crafting 10 am, worship at 11 am.  Food truck to follow.  (The "crafts" will be making decorations for the Pride Parade.)

Sept 18, Sunday 11 AM- 3 PM, The 28th Annual Kosher Barbecue Festival. (Yes, this gets real interfaith participation - the Muslims, among others,  do some wonderful kosher cooking. A wonderful day, with less crowding and less parking trouble than the big barbecue festival. Great fun, don't miss it.
 Anshei Sphard-Beth El Emeth Synagogue, 101 East Yates Rd North (just north of Walnut Grove, just inside the expressway.)

Sept 18,  Interfaith Vigil, Civil Rights Museum. National Campaign NonViolence Week 2016 Memphis September 18-25th. Join us September 18th at the National Civil Rights Museum at 3pm for the week's Opening Interfaith Ceremony.   A major interfaith event, with many organizations and faiths represented.

A draft poster is online HERE

Sept 20, 7 PM - Kosher cooking lesson for women and girls, preparing for the Jewish Holidays, Chabad Memphis. $30.

September 20, 8 PM, PBS TV  - "Defying the Nazis."

Sept 22, Marcus Orr Program, U of Memphis, 342 University Center. Reception 5:30, program at 6
Panel Discussion: My Whole City Underwater: Race, Trauma, and Surviving Katrina
Sept 23-25 Parish Retreat (Family Camp) Holy Communion Episcopal.
(Camp is about a 3 hour drive from Memphis)
    Balmoral Presbyterian Church has its Family Camp this weekend at Nacome Camp, also about three hours away. Clearly a good weekend for camping!

September 5 - Labor Day Picnic, the Memphis Worker's Interfaith Network.\       (charge for lunch, but always an excellent program and good interfaith representation)
Note: These people don't seem to be using their .org web page - they are using

Sept 6, Tuesday, 7 PM. An Interfaith Discussion at St Georges'  Episcopal Church, 2425 S. Germantown Rd.
A remarkable program on "The Children of Abraham", with a stellar speakers list:
Father Bill Parham (CBU), Dr, Breckenridge (1st Baptist), Rabbi Joel Finkelstein (Anshei Sphard), Rabbi Ilan Glazer (Beth Sholom), Dr Yasir Qadhi (MIC - Rhodes), Imam Anwar Arafat (Masjid Ar-Rahman).    This is one not to be missed!

Sept 6, Catholic Ministry to Gays and Lesbians. 6:30 PM. Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception (Marian Hall, underneath the sanctuary, parking and entry at the rear of the church.) Potluck supper, open to all, don't feel a need to bring anything, excellent discussions. The speaker this month is on "mindfulness."

Sept 7. Start of Fall Programs for the Memphis School of Servant Leadership.

Sept 8, Noon, Calvary Episcopal Church. 30 minutes of free opera, part of Opera Memphis' "30 days of Opera."

Sept 8, 6:15 PM, Planning meeting, Campaign for Nonviolence (plans for Sept 18th and 23rd events.)
Meet at Caritas - come earlier if you want to eat first.

Sept 8, 6 - 9 PM Rhodes College, Lecture. Dread Scott: The Impossibility of Freedom in a Country Founded on Slavery and Genocide.
A rather incendiary title, but the Rhodes College Communities in Conversation series has consistently had excellent speakers so this is certainly worth going to.  The gate man on University Avenue can give directions to Hardie Auditorium.
(That Facebook page has active discussion.)

Sept 8, 7:30 PM, Rhodes College, Faculty Concert, New Songs on Afro-American Texts.
Announcement at

Sept 9, October 30, Dec 4, Dec 16, Jan 29, Feb 26, April 1, April 30,
The concert series for St Mary's Cathedral is now online at

Sept 9-11, St. Mary's Cathedral, Martyrs Weekend 2016: The Feast of Constance and her Companions
(A reference to thsoe who died helping during the Memphis Yellow Fever epidemics.)
"The Healing Continues"
Sep 9 "Letters and Music" Concert, 7 p
Sep 10 Daughters of the King Assembly, 9:30 a
Sep 11 Picnic at Elmwood Cemetery, 12:30 p
tickets on sale today in Martyrs Hall this Sunday!
Menu: Barbecue (vegetarian & kid friendly options available)-cost- $9/adult, $4/child, $25/family max

Sept 9, 7 - 9:30 PM.  Courtney Richardson, Gospel Music, Live Recording Session at Hope Church Memphis, 8500 Walnut Grove Rd, Memphis, TN 38018. Charge ($20  gen adm adult)

The Temple Israel newsletter is on line at

May 26-Sept 4. Exhibit at Brooks Museum, Moroccan-born artist Hassan Hajjaj.  See  and click on Exhibits - upcoming.  Opening party Friday May 25, 5-9 PM, free, open.  He will take photos of Museum patrons May 26 starting at 10 AM (with paid museum admission, get in line early.)  Film, "A Day in the life of a Henna Girl",  7 PM July 13, $9, $5 for museum members and students.

July 9 opening, through August: Curated by the Church Health Center, The Mind’s Eye at Trezevent Manor, 3734 Waynoka Dr., will feature the photography of Frederick Toma, Willy Bearden, and Dr. Tom Gettelfinger. An opening reception will be held Saturday, July 9 at 4:30 p.m.  A portion of the proceeds from sales will benefit the Church Health Center and the Trezevant Foundation. The show will hang through August. For more information, contact Ken Hall at or 901-701-2303.

August 7 2016 - Program for adults with developmental disabilities.
Special Friends Fellowship Club.   A diocesan group consisting of members of All Saints, Grace-St. Luke’s, Calvary, Holy Communion, and St. Andrews has created a new ministry: Special Friends Fellowship Club. It kicked off on Sunday, June 26, at All Saints Episcopal Church. Special Friends is open to adults with developmental disabilities over the age of 19. The next meeting is Sunday, August 7 at All Saints Episcopal Church,1508 S White Station Rd, Memphis, Tennessee 38117. The events are held from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. and will include dinner, fun and games, and worship, and a great time to be together! Guests must register in advance with Janie Morris at 901-761-1020 or

August 9, 7 PM, One-Man Play about St. Francis.
St. Patrick Center, Corner of Dr. M L King Jr  Ave & 4th.
Poster at Aug_9_2016_poster.jpg

August 9, 16, 23 7 PM. Temple Israel sessions, "Don't Worry". Led by Temple clergy with textbook

Seven Prayers That Can Change Your Life: How to Use Jewish Spiritual Wisdom to Enhance Your Health, Relationships, and Daily Effectiveness by Leonard Felder, PhD.    Charge. details

August 11, 6 PM, Speaker on Bangladesh Jerry and Judy Bettice
will host Bill Christensen who will share the story about the work that he has done for more than twenty years and continues to do with the poorest of the poor in Bangladesh.
RSVP and for directions call 
327-8067 or  e-mail

August 13, 9 AM. 5K Run for Palestine/Education. Shelby Farms Park.

August 13 6-8 PM.  Major Speaker (interfaith emphasis) Masjid Al-Mu'minun,
4412 South Third Street, Memphis 38109.
Poster at Aug_13_2016_Interfaith.jpg   
If you have not visited this mosque, or heard an example of Muslim efforts at interfaith work in Africa, this will be of special interest.
 "Serigne Mame Mor Mbacke,   is an international leader within the Murid movement founded by Cheikh Ahmadou Bamba (his grandfather) from Senegal.
The faith and academic communities are invited to meet Serigne Mame Mor Mbacke personally as well as become more familiar with the wholesome and abundant life envisioned and exemplified in the movement that he represents."
August 13-14, "Doing the Work" Workshop, Unity Church of Practical Christianity. $50 fee Saturday.
"Peace or  Pain? Worry or Calm? Stuck or Liberated? Howare you going to live your life? You Decide!"
August 16, American-Israeli Public Affairs Committee meeting, Memphis Botanic Garden.  (AIPAC is  extremely pro-Israeli-Government-in-power and may not be a comfortable meeting from an "interfaith" viewpoint, but I felt it appropriate to let people know it is happening.)
This was a "save-the-date notice, no hours given,

August 16 or 17 6 PM - planning meeting, CNV (Committee on Non-Violence?)  is working to plan new activities. Planning meeting at Caritas.
Write "Morman, Monica" <>   to get on the e-mail list for schedule and details.

Aug 19-21  Major conference for Episcopal Men at Sewanee, TN.

August 21, 8:30-1:30  Bloodmobile at Temple Israel.

August 21, 2 PM. Fashion show organized by teens at Temple Israel,
fundraiser tor the Exceptional Foundation, $10.

August 24.  Campaign for Nonviolence - Planning meeting at Caritas, 6:30 PM, planning for an interfaith vigil Sunday 9/18 at the Civil Rights Museum and a Nonviolent Memphis Event Friday 9/23.

August 24, Wednesday, Movie Night at the Unity Church of Practical Christianity.  6:30 PM.  "The Right Questions by Filmmaker Benjamin David Smith. When a sociology grad student spends his last semester living on the street in order to write his thesis on the homeless, he realizes he's bitten off more than he can chew. He struggles with objectivity as he's pulled into the lives of the very people he's trying to study. Just when he thinks he's regained control, a 10-year old boy will change his life forever.   [an e-mail says "double feature this week", but I can't find what else they have...)

Thursday August 25, 7 PM. Temple Israel. Music Sharing for Adults. Bring instruments, voices, etc. Last Thursday of each month.
Info contact Abbie Strauss at

August 27, Saturday, 10 AM, Indian Cultural Center and Temple. Discourse by scholar from Karnataka,
poster at 8_27_16_Nirmalananda.jpg
There are also special prayers Aug 24 8am to noon, Aug 25 9 AM, Aug 27 1 to 3 PM

August 27, 1:00 to 3:30 PM.  Children's Programs at the Indian Cultural Center and Temple.
The poster at  is particularly attractive.

August 27, Sept 3 - Beethoven Club, free concerts.

August 28 - beginning of Fall Hebrew Classes at Temple Israel. Contact 
Dick Rubin at

August 31, Wednesday, 11:30 AM. Temple Israel, Lunch: "Family Love Letters, Peace of Mind During Vulnerable Times.
a program on legacy wealth management, estate planning, I think.)    RSVP by Aug 26, 901.761.3130 
Temple Israel is also organizing a trip to Israel, Dec 22 - Jan 2.

Until July 24. Art Exhibit, "Eye of Storm - Hidden Riches". Art by Stormie Steele, at Unity Church of Practical Christianity.
More info at

The Film Group Indie Memphis is having a Youth Film Fest this Fall and is seeking entries from youth )up to an including June 2016 high school graduates.  A possible Youth Group project?  Submission deadline August 21. See

June 5  (Approximate) start of Ramadan, the major Muslim month of repentance.  Fasting (no food or drink) sunrise to sunset. For several weeks, many mosque sermons  have concerned preparing for Ramadan; many of them are indistinguishable from Synagogue sermons leading up to Yom Kippur except that the scriptures read are in Arabic instead of Hebrew.
       Many customs are different in detail yet similar in spirit. Jews get "double credit" for good deeds in the ten days leading up to Yom Kippur, Muslims get it in the last ten days of Ramadan, if I understand correctly.  Synagogues regard it as an auspicious fund-rasiing period, and so do mosques. An interesting Muslim practice is that (quote from a mosque newsletter:)
      The Messenger of Allah (pbuh) said,
      "Whoever feeds a fasting person will have a reward like that of the fasting person, without any reduction in his reward."
       (Recorded by Ahmad and Al-Nasai. Also verified by Al-Albani as Authentic)
(Donations of any amount accepted, but $250 will feed one family for the month.)   

Ramadan ended on July 6 with Eid - El - Fitr, the Feast of the Completion

July 8, 7:30 PM. Church Health Center Night at the Redbirds.
7:05 PM Baseball game. $4 of every ticket sold through the link below goes to Church Health Center,

To purchase tickets, click the link below. Log in using the username "churchhealth" and the password "churchhealth," and you will be taken to the block of seats that have been reserved for our group. After you have selected your seats, proceed to checkout and click "New Account" to enter your payment information.

Buy Tickets

July 9, 7-9 AM. Serve breakfast to the homeless. From St. John's Episcopal:
"Volunteers Needed to Serve Breakfast at St. Luke's:  We are recruiting folks to help Sunday, July 9th from 7-9AM with St. Luke's Methodist Church Sunday morning breakfast - located at Highland and Midland. They serve about 80 homeless and others who live in poverty, mostly in the Buntyn and University of Memphis area. We need about 8 people to cook, serve and clean up. Contact Lesley Dillon ( or 901-493-5649) if you can help. Children 12 and up welcome."

July 9, 6 PM. Indian Cultural Center and Temple.
Shashti - Sri Subramanya Abhishekam

July 9, 9:30 - noon, Zumbathon for St., Jude. $5 admission.
Church of the Holy Communion, Episcopal, Walnut Grove between Perkins.

July 10, Goodbye reception for Rev. Chris Girata, Calvary Episcopal Church, following the 10 AM service.

July 16 - Overnight Urban Campout for all ages, Holy Communion Episcopal Church. 6 PM setup, 6:30 dinner, 8:30 movie, etc.
Details at
(there are also other events listed in this church bulletin, at the website.)

July 16, "Wet Havdalah", a family party at the close of the Sabbath, Temple Israel. Families and Children. Party starts 4 PM, bring water shoes, bathing suits, towels for kids. Pizza follows.  Reservations at

July 19-21. Facing History Seminar for Teachers. (Charge).

An Interdisciplinary Approach to Exploring Freedom and Democracy

Wed, July 20, 12pm – 1pm, Temple Israel Lunch and Learn
The Living Wisely series with Rabbi Strauss explores how Jewish holidays enrich our lives. The topic for July 20 is "When Will We Find Peace? " Find out as we explore the minor holiday, the 17th of Tammuz. Please bring your brown bag lunch; cookies and drinks will be supplied. To RSVP,

July 26. 10-2 Tomato Contest.
The Church Health Center will celebrate the almighty tomato at its second annual Farmers Market Tomato Festival from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Tuesday, July 26 at Church Health Center Wellness, 1115 Union Ave. Our tomato vendors will go head-to-head to see who has the tastiest tomato in the Mid-South. Who’ll be the judge? YOU! Stop by and cast your vote! For more information, contact Jimmy Hoxie at 901-701-2228 or

July 26, 4-6 PM
The Church Health Center will screen Willy Bearden’s documentary Perea: A Bright Spot from 4-6 p.m. on Tuesday, July 26 at Trezevant Manor (3734 Waynoka Dr.) Local filmmaker Willy Bearden and Dr. Scott Morris will be on-hand for a question & answer session after the screening of this film that profiles the work of Perea Preschool in Memphis' Klondike neighborhood. For more information, contact Ken Hall at or 901-701-2303.

July 28   6:30 PM and July 30, 12 noon, Dance Workshop.
The Church Health Center will host an Urban Fusion Dance Workshop on Thursday, July 28 at 6:30 p.m. and again on Saturday, July 30 at 12 p.m. at Church Health Center Wellness, 1115 Union Ave. Open to ages 10 and up, this workshop is an eclectic, energetic class where you’ll learn a hip-hop dance with a feel-good vibe from award-winning dance instructor Jaukeem Balcom. Pay what you can! Please wear shirts with sleeves and modest, loose-fitting attire. Contact Kristina Hall at or 901-701-2241 to register.

July 29-31 The Trinity Institute. "Listen for a Change" An important symposium
in New York held in January, recreated in video in Memphis, local discussion groups. Hosted locally at St. George's Episcopal Cathedral on Poplar.
Local liaison is the Memphis School of Servant Leadership, Kristin at
Planning meetings every other week during the summer.  A wonderful event that has had a very good interfaith turnout in past years.

June 25. Healthy Memphis - Common Table - Healthy Shelby.  5K and 1-mile walk at Shelby Farms.

June 25, Memphis Theological Center Night at the Redbirds., Ball game 6:35 PM. "Join Memphis Theological Seminary Saturday, June 25 at 6:35 p.m. at AutoZone Park in Downtown Memphis as the Memphis Redbirds face the New Orleans Zephyrs. MTS is the featured non-profit organization and will be highlighted throughout the game. President Jay Earheart-Brown will throw the ceremonial first pitch. Log onto for ticket information. Wear your MTS gear and come out to show your support! "

June 26. 4 PM, St. Mary's Episcopal Cathedral.  Evensong.
This Evensong will celebrate the one year anniversary of the SCOTUS ruling on Marriage Equality. Evensong is a beautiful service of evening prayer during which most of the office is rendered chorally.  A reception will follow in Martyrs Hall. The offering that evening will go to Project Metamorphosis which addresses LGBTQ youth homelessness.      Flier is at

June 27. Annual Fundraising dinner, Masjid As-Salaam.
This is the 27th day of Ramadan, so the dinner is after sunset.

June 29, 6:30-8 PM. Closing barbecue reception (with Eucharist) for the "City of Soul" project at Grace-St.Lukes Episcopal Church.
Details at
(there are also other events listed in this church bulletin, at the website.)

June 30,  7 PM.  Temple Israel - Music Sharing.
RSVP online and then come enjoy music at the Music Sharing Session with Cantorial Soloist Abbie Strauss. We will sing together and prepare songs for the Friday night service on July 1.  RSVP at
This newsletter at

June 6-11  PRIZM Summer Music Camp for talented young musicians.  901-598-9105 or
Public concerts at Shady Grove Presbyterian Church  June 6 at 7 PM; June 9,10,&11 at 7PM;  June 11 at 1 PM. Price $18 full / $10 reduced.

Programs are at  I must admit a liking for PDQ Bach; one of his easier pieces will be on the Saturday matinee program.

June 6-11   Lifeblood Donor Fest. A week of special blood drives, ending with a party Saturday June 11 9:30 - 11 AM

at the football field at St. Benedict at Auburndale High, 8250 Varnavas Dr, Cordova, TN 38016

June 11-12 is the Jewish Holiday of Shavuot (a/k/a Pentecost, The Feast of Weeks). One of the three major "pilgrimage" holidays, this commemorates the giving of the Law at Mt. Sinai.  It is marked in synagogues by the reading of the Ten Commandments (generally, in Hebrew). The celebration of this holiday 50 days (seven weeks) after the death of Jesus is the occasion of the "Pentecost" stories in the Gospels. Like several other Jewish holidays, there are special memorial prayers for deceased family members, often causing relatively large attendance. Another reading is the Book of Ruth, often used as a springboard for families to talk with children in the conversations typically called "birds and bees" in American popular culture. Traditionally meat is not eaten, an excuse for lots of cheesecake and ice cream.

   Temple Israel has its Shavuot service Saturday at 8:30 PM, refreshments, brief service, study groups. (Cheesecake competition), the memorial service Sunday morning 10 AM

    Chabad has an "all night" service starting Saturday at 10:30 PM. Sunday morning is a traditional (Hebrew) service at 10 AM followed at 11 AM by a party with lots of cheesecake, ice cream, blintzes, etc.

     ASBEE has programs at 7:45 PM,. 10 PM, 11 PM Saturday,  8:45 AM Sunday,  7:45 AM Monday, 7, 8, 8:15 PM Monday

June 7-10, FACING HISTORY seminar Holocaust and Human Behavior, for teachers grades 6-12 (mainly History and English),
Learn more about this seminar at
See more about Facing History at

June 10-12 Memphis Potters Guild show at the Botanic Garden.
Friday 5-8, Saturday 9-5, Sunday 11-5

June 12, 3 PM. Beethoven Club Concert
. Beethoven Club, 263. S. McLean, Free Admission.  Program at

June 12, 2016: 10th Annual Ramadan Interfaith Iftar Dinner. The dinner will be held at 6 PM at The Esplanade in Cordova. This is one of the major events of the interfaith year, Plan to attend - reserve in advance when they open reservations, it fills up. Free.

June 14, Tuesday, 7 PM. Movie at Temple Israel.  Imber's Left Hand. A painter is stricken with ALS.
RSVP June-July 2016_Movies.pdf

June 15. An attempt to match charities and volunteers.  "Could we be The One? Volunteer Odyssey is hosting Minute Match, a "speed dating" event created to pair Memphians with the local nonprofit that has the right volunteer opportunity for them. Stop by Emerge Memphis June 15th from 5:30-7:30 p.m., if you are looking to start volunteering. Maybe we'll get a second date!Info at
 RSVP at
My impression is they are charging $5 to cover food and  beer Age 21+.

June 15.  Wednesday 6 - 8 PM, Know Your Rights  Theatre Workshop, doubling as a "Young Professionals Mixer". Free Live Music, Theater

  Cocktails available but I can't say if they are free! Sponsored by Mid-South Peace and Justice Center.
Details at

June 15-18. Chamber Music Festival at Grace-St. Lukes Episcopal Church
. Free, Weds - Sat 7:30 PM, Thurs & Friday 3 PM.

June 17-19, Indian Cultural Center and Temple. Discourses
by Sri Swami Abhishek Chaitanya Giri Maharaj. "..,,in his travels around the world enthralling avid listeners with his unique style of discourses on Vedanta. He accepts and guides whoever approaches him, seeing only the positive in each one's personal inclinations, urging every individual toward the final goal.."  Friday 6:30 PM, Saturday 11 AM & 6 PM, Sunday 10 AM & 6 PM.
This is part of the 22nd Anniversary Celebration of this Temple, June 15-19. An excellent time to see this impressive set of buildings, which is easier to get to for many people now that route I-269 is complete (on US 64 very close to I-269)

June 18, Saturday, 9 am - 2 pm. Literacy teacher training. St Mary's Episcopal Cathedral has a breakfast every Wednesday morning, open to all, that attracts perhaps 200 homeless people.
Give Someone the Gift of Reading - Be a Literacy Mentor
Literacy Training - Saturday, June 18 - 9 am to 2 pm
Literacy Mid-South will lead a training session at St. Mary's on Saturday, June 18th, for all volunteers who want to be trained to work with our guests after the Wednesday Community Breakfast on learning to read. Contact George Cowan for more info:

June 18, Canoe and Kayak Race benefits Church Health Center. For more information, visit

June 19, 9am - 3 pm, Give2Live  Gently Used Sale, Freedom's Chapel. 961 Getwell Rd.
Sale Benefiting Make A Difference,'

June 20, Monday, 6:00 PM. Annual Meeting of Jewish Community Partners (the umbrella Memphis Jewish charity), JCC  6560 Poplar.

June 23, 7 PM. Movie, Temple Israel. A Borrowed Identity.  A Palestinian boy in an Israeli Jewish boarding school.
RSVP June-July 2016_Movies.pdf

May 31, Hanuman Jayarthi prayers at Indian Cultural Center and Temple. 9:30 & 10:30 AM, 6-8 PM.

June 1, Noon. Lunch & Learn at Temple Israel.
  Bring your own lunch. Rabbi Feivel Strauss discusses "The Newest Jewish Holiday - Jerusalem Day" 

June 3, 5:30-7:30 PM. Opening reception, art exhibit at Ross Gallery, Plough Library, Christian Brothers University.
Rollin M. Kocsis: A Retrospective, 50 Years and Counting.  Exhibit runs June 3- August 3.

June 3 and 4, preparations for Ramadan (see June 5 below). :  Al-Huda University & Islamic Association of Greater Memphis - Masjid Ar-Rahman cordially invite you to a seminar "All About Zakat" by Dr. Main Al-Qudah NEXT Friday 6/3 After Maghrib & On Saturday 6/4 After Fajr Prayer "Fiqh of Ramadan" 

("Zakat" is essentially "charity", in the sense in which it is what is expected: Hebrew is "Tzedaka"; Christian "tithing" is pretty close, although the Muslims use a percentage of capital reather than a percentage of income.  "Fiqh" is the rules or jurisprudence, in this case the technical riules abouit fasting in Ramadan.  Maghrib prayer is at about 8 PM and Fajr prayer is about 4:25 AM . Yes, that's right - the Muslims really do have some of their "Sunday School" classes at what many of us would call "the first crack of dawn." )  A good explanation of the "rules of Ramadan" readable by a non-Muslim is at

June 4, 7:30 p.m. Lindenwood Christian Church  Beethoven Club 2016 Benefit Concert

This concert will be the third annual collaboration between the Beethoven Club and the MRO. It will feature sopranos Chelsea Miller and Lesley Friend. Proceeds will go toward the annual Young Artists Competition
Tickets $10 adults, $5 students
available online after May 1 at
or at the door     Call 901-493-0958 for more information.

June 9, Movie at Temple Israel.  7 PM. Free. Zemene, an Ethiopian girl seeks medical help. 
RSVP June-July 2016_Movies.pdf   

Art Exhibit at Temple Israel: Fabric of Survival: The Art of Esther Nisenthal Krinitz  has been extended through May 26.

May 22, Sunday 1 - 4 PM, STOP HUNGER NOW - MEAL PACKING EVENT.  This gets a large turnout and has been great fun in past years - packing prepackaged meals for overseas refugees. Pleasant View School,     Pleasant View School      1888 Bartlett Road, Memphis, TN 38134 United States

Sign up in advance at

May 22, 2 PM, Lecture, "Back in the USSR: The Struggle to free Soviet Jews."  Robyn Hetzner, Jewish Historical Society, at the Memphios Jewish Community Center.

May 23, 5:45 PM  Discussions with legislature candidates, sponsored by Sierra Club, at Idlewild Presbyterian Church.

May 24,Tuesday 7 PM. Movie at Paradiso Cinema, Poplar at Mendenhall
Soledad O'Brian, "The War Comes Home".  Two veterans of the Iraq war suffer from Post-traumatic Stress.  Among the therapies attempted: transcendental meditiation.  A Fathom Events show, so it will be at Special Events prices - I can't find the price on line, might e.g. be $20.

May 26 - close of clay sculpture exhibit at the Ross Gallery, Plough Library, CBU:  Agnes Gordon Stark.

May 26, Thursday, 5 PM. "Lag b'Omer", the 33rd day after Passover, is a very minor Jewish holiday, coinsidered a good excuse for a party. Barbeque, kids games, etc., at Chabad, ($10 suggested donation). 2570 Kirby Parkway, north of Quince.

May 27-29, Community Organizing Training at Mid-South Peace and Justice Center. Done once a year, and highly recommended.

May 27, 6 and 8 PM, May 28 2-4-6 PM. Live Music on Beale. Plus-1 Jams, benefiting MIFA and MLGW's Plus-1 emergency assistance program.
Musicians will volunteer their talents at the MLGW tent located on Beale Street between Main Street and Second Street. Some of the acts include talented musicians who are MLGW employees.  (From the MIFA Minute, an e-mail newsletter. You can sign up for their newsletter at  under

"news and events" but they don't seem to have the newsletter (which lists the bands and musical styles) online.

May 28, 7:30 PM - Summer Symphony at the Botanic Garden - $20 Advance, $25 at door.) Hey, I like the Botanic Garden and outdoor concerts. Why not?

May 29, 9:15 AM, Speaker at Church of The Holy Communion (Episcopal, Walnut Grove between Perkins)

The Very Rev. Gregory Jenks, Dean of St George's College, Jerusalem.  I do not know whether he'll be talking theology, or about the situation of this Anglican college and divinity school in East Jerusalem. I have a very fond spot for the school, having (somewhat improbably) given a lecture there in 1971 on how American Judaism differed from Israeli Judaism.

May 29, Calvary Episcopal (downtown) welcomes a new Curate, Rev Niel Raman. Reception after the 10 AM service (about 11:15.)

Sunday breakfast is at 8:45 AM. Calvary has a particular long newsletter issue for the summer:

May 29. Gong Meditation, Sonic Massage, at the Unity Church of Practical Christianity
(Morning Service 10:30, Potluck lunch, sonic massage.  $20 suggested donation for the gong workshop.)

May 30  Fund-raising dinner ($180), scholarship fund of Margolin Hebrew Academy/Yeshiva.
At Baron Hirsch Synagogue. 6 PM. Reservations 682-2400

May 1, Sunday, 9-10 AM Performance of "Voices from the Memphis Massacre"
Where:  Freedom's Chapel Christian Church, 961 Getwell Rd, Memphis, 38111. (map)
Description:  The Memphis Theological Seminary and Freedom's Chapel Christian Church will present "Voices from the Memphis Massacre," a performance commemorating the victims and survivors of the Memphis Massacre. This event is free and open to the public. Contact for more information.

May 1, Sunday, 3:30-4:30 PM. The NAACP dedicates a historical marker for victims of the 1866 Memphis Massacre. Ceremony at the National Civil Rights Museum, 450 Mulberry St., then a march to Army-Navy Park at 2nd & GE Patterson.

May 2,  "The 1866 Memphis Massacre and the Fourteenth Amendment"

When: Mon, May 2, 1:45pm – 5:30pm
Where: National Civil Rights Museum, 450 Mulberry St, Memphis, TN 38103, United States (map)
Description: The Memphis NAACP and the Ben F. Jones Chapter of the National Bar Association are co-sponsoring a public forum/CLE examining the Memphis Massacre and its connection to the Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution.
Please look at  - seating may be limited

May 5 @ 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm  National Civil Rights Museum.
NCRM Hooks•Hyde Hall,  450 Mulberry StMemphis, TN 38103 United States  

Political cartoonist, Khalid Al-Baih, of Khartoon! joins art road trip Culturunners tour to discuss how he uses art to further understanding of social justice and human rights issues in the Middle East and the U.S.

May 7  Sat,  1-3pm   Cordova Bowling Center
Frame it Up for Humanity is a bowling fundraiser whose proceeds benefit Habitat for Humanity. The $30/person admission includes shoe rental, pizza, and soft drinks. Buy tickets now!

May 7 - 27
Exhibition: "Free at Last: Emancipation and Reconstruction in Tennessee"
2232 Lamar Ave, Memphis, TN 38114,  (
the Orange Mound Gallery in the Lamar-Airways Shopping Center)
Details at

May 8, 6 PM Symphony in the Gardens.
   $20, $5 children. The Memphis Symphony Orchestra performing on the lawn of the Dixon Gallery and Gardens is one of the great pleasures of Memphis. Bring a picnic, bring little kids and let them run and dance to the music, enjoy!  Fancy prepared picnics and fancy table settings and locations as higher fundraiser) prices - see the poster on the website indicated.

May 11, 5:30-7:00. Calvary Episcopal Church. Low Country Boil. $10 adult, $5 kids, $30 family. Choral evensong at 6:45 with Boys and Gitrls Choirs and Canterbury Choir of Grace - St Luke's.

May 12: 1:15 AM (fundraiser) Annual meeting of Common Table Health Alliance. Topic: Childhood Obesity, have we finally turned the corner?
Racquet Club.    $75

May 14, 10 AM. Graduation Ceremony, Memphis Theological Seminary. First Baptist Church-Broad. 2835 Broad Ave. Memphis, TN 38112

May 15 Sunday 2 - 5 PM  Song Festival at the Indian Cultural Center and Temple (Hindu Temple). Volunteers signing songs of particular writers, unless I misunderstand.

Sun, May 15, 2:45pm  (Notice from Temple Israel)
Ashley Tobias, chair of this program, invites adults of all ages to join Rabbi Greenstein – who has served on the Board and Executive Committee of the National Civil Rights Museum since the 1990s – as he leads a thought-provoking tour of the museum through a Jewish lens
> RSVP ($13/person)

May 15 will be the Parish Picnic at Calvary Episcopal Church. I note with amusement their "kiss a pig" contest - people vote for someone by contributing nonperishable food items for the Grace-St. Lukes food pantry by May 8, the person with the most votes gets to kiss the pig at the parish picnic. (Ionly know two or three of the contestants personally...)  Party in Court Square, $10 adults, $5 kids, $30 family.

May 20-21. Symposium at U of Memphis: Memories of a Massacre: Memphis in 1866, a Symposium Exploring Slavery, Emancipation, and Reconstruction," which will take place May 20-21, 2016. It is jointly sponsored by the National Parks Service, the College of Arts and Sciences, the History Department, the Marcus Orr Center for the Humanities, and additional community and campus partners.The key public lecture will be May 20, reception 5:30, lecture at 6, The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of American History: Remembering Reconstruction. Robert K. Sutton // Chief Historian of the National Parks Service
More information at  

April 13, Wednesday, 6 PM Free Movie at the National Civil Rights Museum:

  WALK WITH ME: The Trials of Damon J. Keith   Reception at 5:30.

In the wake of the 1967   Detroit race riots, rookie African American Judge Damon J. Keith shook the nation as he challenged the status quo and faced off against angry crowds,   the KKK, and even a sitting U.S. President.  WATCH THE TRAILER HERE   RSVP REQUIRED. CLICK HERE.

April 7, 6 PM, Women's dinner with Mitzi Minor. Church of the Holy Communion (Episcopal). Walnut Grove between Perkins.   " The Holy Communion Women's Ministry invites all women to a dinner Thursday, April 7, 6 p.m. in the parish hall.  All women are invited and encouraged to attend. Guest speaker: Dr. Mitzi Minor, Mary Magdalene Professor of New Testament at Memphis Theological Seminary.
 Tickets in advance: $20 --  drop off checks at the church;
nursery provided (free of charge) by reservation.

A great night of fellowship, good food and great conversation!"

April 7, 7:30 PM.  Rabbinic Panel   Jewish Community Center

The MJCC hosts this panel discussion with rabbis, including Rabbi Strauss of Temple Israel. Learn how "ruach hasport" (sportsmanship / teamwork) is rooted in Jewish texts and traditions and how to incorporate it into your daily life.

April 8, 6:30 or 7 PM. Lecture, Akhenaten and the origins of monotheism in ancient Egypt. Mitchell Hall, Univ. of Memphis. Reception 6:30, lecture at 7 PM.
Sponsored by History Dept, Institute of Egyptian Art and Archaeology, etc.   Dr. James Hoffmeier, Trinity International University.

April 8-9, Annual Gandhi-King Conference.  A very important annual event. Thwe schedule is now online at

April 9 1-5 PM, rain date April 16, Memphis Arts Festival, Morris Park. Muslim sponsorship: Amin Center,
(Morris Park is on Poplar opposite St. Mary's Episcopal Cathedral.  The AMin Center appears to be concerned with the needs and interests of converts to Islam.)

April 9 -"Striving For Justice" Tour of the Islamic Society of North America.  This is not a "denomination" in the sense of Methodists, Baptists, etc., although its magazine and many of the services provided look much like those organizations. A major meeting at the Cook Convention Center; registration charge.   One difference from a typical Christian denominational convention is a "matrimonial event", a meet-and-greet with the obvious purpose.

"An amazing day with outstanding speakers and an exceptional audience. Speakers include Omar Suleiman, Linda Sarsour, Azhar Azeez, our own Sh Yasir Qadhiand many more. The conference will be held in the Memphis Cook Convention Center on April 9th, 2016.

Other attractions include a youth track program, dinner banquet with entertainment, and matrimonial event; all on the same day. This is an eventful Saturday you won't want to miss!"

April 9 at 11 AM to April 10 at 11 AM - Indian Cultural Center and Temple - Recitation of the Ramayana epic.
Construction seems to be permanently underway at the Temple - if you have not visited in a while it is worth the visit.
    It is now easy to reach, near the intersection of Route 64 and I- 269 (Morris Parkway) now that the new parkway is complete.
Directions at
A history of the Temple is at

April 10 after 11 am service, St. Mary's Episcopal Cathedral.  Labyrinth dedication.

April 10, 12 - 2 PM.  Midtown Mosque Open House.
1288 Jackson St  Memphis,TN 38107. See the renovations, hear plans, visit the community garden.  If you haven't visited a mosque, this is an interesting occasion other than a religious service to do so.

April 10, Sunday, 2PM Movie, Jewish Community Center. "Draw Back the Curtain". The story of Jews leaving the Soviet Union to come to America in the late 1980's.  As I understand it this film is about immigrants to Richmond, Virginia, and their are plans to make a similar film about Memphis. Sponsored by the Jewish Historical Society of Memphis and the Mid-South.  This should be of interest to other communities in Memphis that are concerned with absorption of immigrants.

April 10, Sunday, 6 PM. Handel's Messiah, Parts II and III.  Independent Presbyterian Church, 4738 Walnut Grove Road.

April 10, 7 PM at Rhodes College, and April 11, 7 PM, Jewish Community Center. Memphis Friends of Israel has a speaker,
Melanie Phillips.  These will surely be strongly pro-Israel. Her book "Londonistan" is "about the British establishment's capitulation to Islamist aggression", according to the poster.  While Rhodes college usually does well, I'm not sure that these will be occasions where polite differences of opinion will be possible.  Still, I thought the evnts should be noted.

April 12, Tuesday 3 PM  Panel on Equal Pay for Women, Benjamin Hooks Library, sponsored by the American Association of University Women. 

Indian Cultural Center and Temple. It is worth checking their website as often I get rather short notice of events.
 The Tamil New Year was April 13.  April 20-24 is a sequence of major prayers for universal peace, see 
I'm not sure what the ceremonies are connected with the major renovations of the Temple in June - I gather the builkding(s) may be closed and ceremonial figures will be displayed in the grounds. Explanation, anyone?
There is a calendar at
April 15 and 17 - <<Sri Rama Navami is celebrating the birth of Lord Rama - the 7th avatar of Lord Vishnu to King Dasharatha and Queen Kausalya.  Vasantotsavam is an annual Seva celebrated to celebrate the arrival of spring season. Vasantotsavam is the combination of 2 words - "Vasantha" (Spring season in Sanskrit) and "Utsavam" (festival in Sanskrit).>>
Services 9:30 and 6:30 on Friday  April 15, followed by dinner
Services 10 AM Sunday, followed by lunch, then a service at 6 PM

April 14-17, visiting musician at Temple Israel. Numerous programs.

details at
Outdoor Concert 6 PM Saturday - bring a picnic (it is probably too late to order one online, but they may have extras to sell there.)

April 15, 6:30 PM  Feast & Follies Cabaret, Calvary Episcopal Church. Hors D'oevres, sweets, drinks, show music and non-sacred tunes, A Friends of Music fundraiser and live auction.
gives the number to call for tickets, but not the price --- it is $50, I believe.

POSTPONED(problems with the venue) (had been planned for) April 16-17, "1 Universe" Universal Fest, the Cannon Center.

Our friend Sandeep Pednekar is planning a major event, with major festivities possibly including a parade downtown. He is actively seeking help and participants!
group at
more specific info

April 16, Sierra Leone's Refugee All Stars, Buckman Performing Arts Center at St Mary's School, Walnut Grove and Perkins.  Admission $28.  Musicians from the refugee camps.  537-1481   or

April 16, Saturday, 5-7 PM National Civil Rights Museum, "Parent 2 Parent", "a conversation with Black and Hispanic parents about "the talk" they have with their sons and daughters about being black and brown in America." Speaker: Dr. Leah Gunning Francis, "Mothers and Black Boys Exploring Issues of Risk" Panelists: Tango Jackson, Nadida T. Amatullla-Matin, Mohammad Kamal, Tony Neal, Giovanni Madriz, and Omar Paez
Moderator: Dr. Christi Griffin, Founder & President of The Ethics Project, St. Louis, MO

(ERROR  this is the 16th not the 18th) Sierra Leone Refugee All Stars,  Buckman Performing Center at St. Mary's, Perkins at Walnut Grove. Charge. Tickets 537-1483 or

April 17, Sunday, Rajun Cajun Crawfish Festival, a fundraiser for Porter-Leath. Riverside Drive.

April 17, 2:30 PM Beethoven Club. 

For those interested in musical events, I should mention the local Beethoven Club,

April 20, Wednesday, 2PM. Unity Church of Practical Christianity, Their book group will be showing the movie "Soul Proof",

April 21, 7 PM.  The Vanderhaar Symposium (one of the major interfaith events of the year.)   Chad Pregracke will speak on "From The Bottom Up" One Man's Crusade to Clean America's Rivers.   CNN Hero of the Year 2013; a major force in cleaning rivers near Memphis.
University Theater, Christian Brothers University.  (
If you are new to the place, Enter off Central opposite the fairgrounds, the gateman will give directions.)

April 21, Lecture, Rhodes College. Thomas Christensen – “1616: The World in Motion”
  at 6 p.m. Blount Auditorium, Buckman Hall (Reception at 5:30 p.m.) details at

This is part of a major symposium, April 21-22, about theworld of 1616 (a lot of emphasis on Shakespeare.)

April 21, 2016 7-10 PM.  Annual Gala of the Benjamin Hooks Institute, Celebrating Black Men.
(Charge $100, tickets required)    Benjamin Hooks Institute Blog is at
"Triumph Through Perseverance"  Holiday Inn, U of Memphis.  Purchase tickets online by April 17.

Speaker is Marvin Ellison, CEO of J C Penney.

April 22. Friday, First evening of Passover.  This holiday celebrates the liberation of the Jews from Egypt. It has a close historical connection with Easter, as Jesus came to Jerusalem to celebrate Passover.   The first two nights are celebrated with a festive ceremonial dinner called a "Seder" (literally, "order" as in "order of service").  Many local synagogues have celebrations and special services on the first or second evening and the first two and last two days.
CHABAD Memphis will have a very traditional Seder the first evening, reservations at
Temple Israel has its group seder the second evening, April 23 - this and other services are listed at
See also April 27: Brit Hadasha

April 22-24 Weekend at Holy Communion Episcopal Church.  "Alleluia Be Our Measure" with a focus on service. Friday lecture by New Testament scholar Rev. Dr. Kathy Grieb; Saturday service project in connection with Emmanuel Center. The more I see of this, the more interesting it gets. Emmanuel Center is one of Memphis' particularly interesting inner-city ministries for youth.

April 22, 5:30-7:30 Opening Reception, Exhibit "The Call of the Clay for 50 Years" exhibition by Agnes Gordon Stark, Ross Gallery, lower level of Plough Library, Christian Brothers University. Exhibition April 22 - May 26.

April 23. Saturday 9-12AM. "Walking as One"/  $15, free kids 12 and under, Church Health Center Wellness at 1115 Union Ave

"This year's 1.5-mile walk will be lead by the Mighty Souls Brass Band! Activities start at 9 a.m. and we'll start warming up for the walk with urban fusion dance before the walk kicks off at 10 a.m.   Activities include a kids' zone, Amurica Photo Booth, food trucks, and much more!

April 23, Family Night at Masjid Al-Noor.  Free. Dinner and program begin at about 7:30 PM

April 24, 1:30 PM Concert - Mighty Souls Brass Band. St. Mary's Episcopal Cathedral. Outdoors, weather permitting. (Earth Day). Free, donations accepted.  There will be a picnic (Crawfish or barbeque, $10, kids $5, games etc.) following the 11 AM service, then the concert.

April 26, 6 PM ff. The Episcopal Gay-Lesbians-and-friends group meets the fourth Tuesday of each month at St. Mary's Episcopal Cathedral. 6 - Social - 6:30 worship 7 - dinner  7:45 program.

April 27, Wednesday, 6:30-8:30 PM. Neshoba Church (Unitarian-Universalist) Social Justice and Outreach Night. Topic-HUNGER
in America and the Mid-South Presentation by Andrew Bell, Marketing Manager of the Mid-South Food Bank followed by a facilitated discussion of the topic. Notice, click here.

April 27, 6-9 PM Brit Hadasha, the "Messianic Jewish Synagogue"  will hold a community Passover Seder at Germantown Methodist Church. Prices and details at
"Come experience a traditional Jewish Passover seder with special emphasis on Yeshua the Messiah and His Last Supper."

The Messianic Jews are a group that identifies as Jews and also think that Jesus is the Messiah / Lord.  I'm not sure that they'd agree with me, but I view them as close to the Church of James in Jerusalem, which was effectively wiped out by the Romans when Jerusalem was destroyed in 70 AD.

April 29 - May 28. The Memphis In May schedule is now available (Canada is the honored country this year.)   lists many of the events.  It does not list necessarily everything traditionally associated with Memphis in May
and Googling  -  Memphis in May 2016 - will find several pages with more details.

April 30, Saturday, 8:30 AM - 11:30 AM Clean-up Day: Berclair Elementary School, 810 N Perkins.
Second Prtesbyterian Church's adopted school.
" We hope you will join us as we help take care of our adopted school’s campus and gardens. Bring along your gloves, rakes, hoes, hedge clippers, brooms, and especially any wheelbarrows you may have! This is a great family service opportunity. If you have any questions, please email Kim Blankenship or call 531-6177. "

March 16 - May 13 - Exhibit at Temple Israel Museum - fabric work "Fabic of Survival",
embroidery, crocheting, etc. by Esther Krinitz, Highly recommended.

Now to April 7 - The Interfaith Youth Corps is promoting "Better Together Day" on April 7, with an online challenge to write a few words and see those written by other when you do so.

April 3, 8:30-1:30, Bloodmobile at Temple Israel.

April 4-5: The C.S. Lewis Lectures, sponsored by the Memphis Theological Seminary, at Lindenwood Christian Church.
Monday 7 PM, Tuesday 11 am and 7 PM.  Lectures by a leading authority on this famous and extremely popular author.
("Mere Christianity", "The Screwtape Letters", Narnia, Perelandria.)

April 5, First Tuesday, 6:30 PM - Roman Catholic Gays-Lesbians-etc-and Friends,
Marian Hall under the sanctuary at the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception. " Our presenters this month are from the Dorothy Day House of Hospitality: a ministry that serves homeless families by allowing them to stay together.   Come join us for food, prayer, and fellowship.  If you are in a rush and don't have time to cook or bring a food, no worries.  We always have extra and what we most want is your presence!"

March 20. Temple Israel Purim festival (picnic, kids games). 11:30 AM - 2 PM

March 20, Art show and sale at Memphis Jewish Home and Rehab, 36 Bazeberry Rd., Cordova. 756-3273. Donors sought.  2 to 5 PM. Free admission, valet parking. Art for dedication and for sale, wearable art and Jewelry.

March 20, 2-6 PM repeated March 23, 7 - 11 PM. Classic movie The Ten Commandments shown at the Paradiso Theatre, Poplar and Mendenhall. Part of the series at  which often have higher-than-movie prices (e.g. $20 +/-)  This series includes a lot of operas, ballets, classic movies, shows about fine arts, etc., most of which don't qualify for this list of events of interfaith interest but may interest you anyway.  Note that while most of the "fathom events" are at the Paradiso, some are not - the nearest showing may be in Tupelo or Little Rock, so click through to see if and when the event is shown in Memphis.

March 23 - 24  PURIM, a minor Jewish Holiday celebrating the events of the biblical Book of Esther.
Note: according to Ian Fleming, Esther was the model for James Bond. It is fun to read the book (which most Jews consider a work of fiction) picturing a James Bond movie rather than a biblical epic. Many Purim celebrations are humorous in nature.
Temple Israel holds its religious service at 6 PM Wednesday March 23, reading the Book of Esther (children are traditionally issued noisemakers to amuse themselves during the Bible reading!). 
Temple Israel will hold its PURIM PLAY March 23 at 7:30 PM -
this is one of the great humorous musical comedies of the year in Memphis/ Get there very early (e.g. 7 PM) for good seats. FREE. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.  I gather this year they will be making fun of the Musical "Hair" as well as of tbe story of Esther.

March 26, 10 AM-8 PM. MusliMEMFest. A major informational program - Art, Vendors, Entertainment - Food -
to connect with our Muslim neighbors.  More  information will be forthcoming. Poster at 3_26_16.pdf
for vendor information (and other information) go to

March 31, Thursday, 5:30-7:30.  MIFA Founders Day Celebration. Interfaith Panel Discussion: Interfaith in Memphis: The Time Is Now. Music, Awards, etc. Panel: Rev Harry Durbin, Moderator; Imam Anwar Arafat, Rev Virzola Law, Bluma Zuckerbrot-Finkelstein.  The three panelists are among the best-informed and best speakers of the Memphis religious community.  Held at Church of the Holy Communion, 4645 Walnut Grove (between Perkins.)

Presented by the Muslim Community of Memphis with support also from Temple Israeli and the Church of the Holy Communion.

March 31, Orr Lecture, University of Memphis. The Economy of Violence: The American Revolution in the South  Alan Taylor // University of Virginia. 5:30 reception, 6:00 lecture. Details

  Lenten Lecture Series at Calvary Episcopal Church.
The list of speakers for the Lenten Lecture Series, Tuesday-Friday,  is online at  That site has brief biographies of the speakers.
Noon Tues-Thursday and  6:30 Wednesday evening. Excellent food available.
Feb 11-12 Rev John Pitzer (Baton Rouge, LA).   (Preaches Sunday Morning at St. Mary's Episcopal)
Feb 16-17, 17 evening: Rt. Rev Robert Wright (Atlanta, GA).
Feb 18-19: Rev Maxie Dunnam (local)
Feb 23, 24, 24 evening: Dr Tony Campolo (Pennsylvania).   
Feb 25, 26 : Rabbi Micah Greenstein (local, often crowded))
March 1, 2, 2 evening: Rev Dan Mathews (New York, formerly local, often crowded)
March 3, 4: Rev Walter Brueggemann (Ohio. very famous scholar. Also 7 PM March 3, Church of the Holy Communion.)
March 8: Rev Dr. John Kilzer (local). 
March 9: Rev Charyl Cornish (local)
March 9 (evening, March 10, 11: Rev Marianne Borg (Oregon; wife of the late Marcus Borg.)
March 15:  Rev Virzola Law (local). 
March 16, 17, 16 evening: Rev. Becca Stevens (Nashville, very popular)
March 18: Rev Richmond Webster (Birmingham, AL)

Feb 17-March 16, Wednesdays, Lenten series "Living the Year of Mercy in Our Lives",
10-12 am repeated 7-9 pm, Marian Hall conference room under the sanctuary, Immaculate Conception Cathedral.

March 3 - noted Old Testament scholar Walter Brueggemann  lectures on Bible and Economics at Holy Communion Episcopal Church. 7 PM. His topic: How do we read the Bible faithfully in the midst of a predatory economy?  (links to a flier, invite, etc.)

March 3, U of Memphis - Orr Lecture. Reception 5:30, Lecture at 6. Beyond Belief: Racism and Social Critique . 
Sally Haslanger // Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Details at

March 4, 7 PM Youth Classical Concert at Buckman Performing Arts Center, St. Mary's School, Walnut Grove and Perkins Extd. In acollaboration between Ballet on Wheels, PRIZM, and Cordova High School, young dancers and musicians come together for a spectacular evening.  Reserve free tickets at
(Query - should I list more of the "Ballet on Wheels" events here?)

March 5, 2 PM.  Shady Grove Presbyterian Church, Violin Concert
with Violinist Randall Goosby, benefiting PRIZM.  Meet the Artist Q&A at 1:30. Pianist Arthur Hart. Reception after.

No ticket price- "Give what you can" to benefit Prizm's educational programs for young people.

March 5, American Association of University Women, Program on Women's History, Hooks Library. Details??
    Dr. Tracy Hall-- President, Southwest Tennessee Community College
    Rev. Virzola Law-- Senior Pastor, Lindenwood Christian Church
    Dr. Shirley Raines-- Former President, The University of Memphis
    Director Gina Sweat-- Memphis Fire Department

March 6, Sunday. 4 PM Organ  Concert, St Mary's Episcopal Cathedral. David Briggs, Artist in Residence, St. James Cathedral, Toronto.  Free, donations accepted.

March 9, Wednesday, Luncheon. Fundraiser for Memphis YWCA
, $100. Keynote speaker on Domestic Abuse will be Dee Griffen, ABC news anchor. Reservations to Kathy Ivey 901-320-6002,  kivey @

March 11, Friday, 10 AM. Smarter Cities Initiative, at Bioworks, 20 Dudley St.  More info and Register at
An initiative to promote better access to medical care before it becomes an emergency, and reduce non-emergency
calls to 911.  Read more at the link.

March 12. Art show and sale at Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church,
573 N, Highland. Benefits Children of Le Bonheur. Admission $10. 1 - 6 PM  327-8177

March 15, 8 AM - 3:30 PM Facing History. [Rachel Shankman Symposium] Legacies of the Holocaust: Building a More Humane World. All day program, including lunch. Talks, student panel, teaching ideas. University Center, University of Memphis. Rsvp requested by March 8,  Isabel_rodriguez@facinghistory,org

March 17. Thursday. Steve Ash – “A Massacre in Memphis: The Bloody Race Riot of 1866”
Rhodes College, lecture  6 p.m. Hardie Auditorum, Palmer Hall (reception at 5:30 pm) details at

This appears to have died and is recorded for historical purposes:
The Eroica Ensemble gives free concerts at some of our favorite houses of worship, a good chance to visit these places if you’d rather not visit a religious service but would like to get to know the place and people, and hear some exceptionally good classical music for free!    (  This may have died?)
The full schedule is at     497-9600

February 18, Lecture, Rhodes College:  Mel Chin – “Memphis: Art and Place”  Reception 5:30, lecture 6 PM.
 Details at

February 19, 9:30 AM. Lenten Field Trip:  ST. Mary's Cathedral group visits St. Jude Hospital. 
Reserve your spot with Miranda, or at the office at 901-527-3361. Space is limited.

February 19. Fundraising Dinner for West Tennessee-Haiti Partnership. Church of the Holy Communion, Walnut Grove between Perkins. Bishop Don Johnson and
Father Frantz Cole from St. Vincent's Center for Handicapped Children, in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.   Wine reception at 5:30 PM, Dinner from 6:00 to 8:00 PM. Live Auction with Haitian artwork and souvenirs. A special Haitian meal will cost $30.00 per person or $50 per couple. RSVP via email or call 820-4438.

February 19. 7 PM Concert, Balmoral Presbyterian Church.  Acoustic Eidelon
Hannah Alkire and Joe Scott return to Memphis bringing their talent, their stories and their incredible music!  6413 Quince.  Free but donations appreciated. An example of their performance is on Youtube at

February 21, Walking Tour of Midsouth Fairgrounds with Jimmy Ogle. Meet at Mid-South Coliseum.

February 21, Sunday, 3-6 PM, The Memphis Inter-Religious Group is having a party
at the Ordmans' home . Light refreshments, open house style.  Come meet members of other groups, and socialize.
Rsvp helpful but not required.   327-9735 or
 directions at

February 22, Monday, 6:30 PM: Movie "Silvered Water: Syria Self-Portrait."
Free. U of Memphis, University Center Theater.  HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Sponsored by The Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures, the Marcus W. Orr Center for the Humanities, the Department of History, and the Department of Political Science.
More info at 2_22_16.pdf

February 22,  7 PM  Jewish Community Partners (this is successor to the umbrella charity formerly called the Memphis Jewish Federation) will sponsor an address by Ron Dermer, the Israeli Ambassador to the United States, at Baron Hirsch Congregation, 400 South Yates. Information at 901-767-7100 or

February 23. Black Student Assn, U of Memphis presents Spike Lee's movie “Chi-Raq”
which addresses the rampant shootings in Chicago’s inner city. Spike Lee will speak after the film. 7:30 PM, Rose Theatre. Free, open to public.

February 24, Wednesday, 6:30-8:30) The Healthcare Movie. Neshoba Church (Unitarian-Universalist)
"THE HEALTHCARE MOVIE reveals the personal and emotional impact on Canadians who now have access to universal health care because of the heroism of people who took a stand nearly 50 years ago. It also reveals the continuing struggle in the United States between the fear of government intervention and the right to quality health care for all people. A discussion follows..." 
Details click here       7350 Raleigh Lagrange Rd, Cordova, 266-2626

February 25. Facing History presents Gospel Musical, "Look, What a Wonder!"

Rose Theatre, U of Memphis, 6:30-8:30 PM. Preregistration requested. (May fill up. Groups must preregister.)

Feb 26.  Handel's Messiah. Memphis Symphony and the Rhodes MasterSingers Chorale. At the Cannon Center, 7:3 - 9:30 PM.   $25.

February 27-28 : Unity Church of Practical Christianity being visited by a candidate for the open ministerial position there.

February 27 Saturday 7:15 PM - Community Dinner, Masjid As-Salaam,
1026 Stratford Rd (foot of Covington Pike.) A free dinner with Somali food, and a talk of the history of Somalia.  This has been an extremely high-quality series of dinners. The emphasis is usually on the long scope of history of the honored country, rather than current events or this decade's problems.  HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Feb 16. The group "Healthy and Free Tennessee" will be doing a lobbying day in Nashville. Info is at   
This will inevitably be controversial for some readers of this site, as one of their issues is abortion rights. Of course there are a lot of other issues, e,g, medical insurance.  On the other hand, if you've never done a "lobbying day", it is a fascinating and worthwhile experience whether or not you agree on all issues.

February 16, third Tuesday, 6:30 PM, Writers Group
at Holy Communion Church. 
The topic is "A fine Romance".  All welcome to come listen; if you want to speak ( 5 minutes) contact cmodisett @   (March 15: Lift every Voice, April 19 Health and Healing; May 17: Something borrowed; June 21: Walking in Memphis, found texts; July 19, Roots and Branches.

February 16-28, Film Festival at Memphis Jewish Community Center. 

details       (trailers)
each film $7 ($5 for JCC members)  7:30 PM
Feb 16: Dough. (Comedy: Cannabis gets into Jewish bagels) At the Malco Paradiso.
Feb 18: Zemene.  (drama re: Medical care in Ethiopia) (7:30 at JCC)
Feb 20: The Last Mensch. (drama, Holocaust survivor and question of Jewish identity) (7:30 at at JCC)
Feb 21: Touchdown Israel (the attempt to play American football in Israel)   (Buffet 5:30, Movie 6:30, JCC)
Feb 23, Once in a Lifetime. (French history teacher, Facing History material). 7:30, JCC
Feb 24, The Outrageous Sophie Tucker, 7:30, Malco Ridgeway
Feb 27, Apples from the Desert ( child in Israel differs with religious parents)  8 PM JCC
Feb 28, Front of the Class (boy with Tourette's Syndrome), 1 PM JJ

February 17. Feast Day of the New Martyrs of Libya, 12:10 service, St. Johns Episcopal Church.

"the first annual feast day of the New Martyrs of Libya, beheaded by ISIS one year ago. Join us on Wednesday, Feb. 17th at 12:10pm in the Lady Chapel for a special service in conjunction with our usual weekly healing service. You can learn more about these martyrs on the Contemporary Christian Martyrs board outside the elevator on the first floor of Saint John's or at"

February 17, Wednesday 7:30 PM, Webern Chamber Choir on Tour, St. John's Episcopal Church

FACING HISTORY is planning a mural for their wall near the National Civil Rights Museum, and is seeking nominations of Memphians who should be depicted on that wall.  (Ends late Feb 2016)

The Memphis Inter-Religious Group is having a party at the Ordmans' home on February 21, Sunday, 3-6 PM.  Light refreshments, open house style.  Come meet members of other groups, and socialize.
Rsvp helpful but not required.   327-9735 or
 directions at

Feb 11, 6:30 PM - Fundraising dinner, $50. St Jude - Spirit of the Dream, Black History Month dinner.

February 11, Thursday, 11 am - 12:30 PM. Benjamin Hooks Institute: 

 Lunch/Lecture: Black Power: Stokely Carmichael and His Legacy
Free and Open to the Public. University Center River Room (UC300)  The University of Memphis

Feb 11, 7:00 PM  St. Louis Catholic Church,   John Michael Talbot at St. Louis

"John Michael Talbot will provide in song and the spoken word a reflection on the Jesus Prayer in the context of the season of Lent and the Jubilee Year of Mercy. Talbot is considered a music legend, being one of the pioneer artists of contemporary Christian music. Since a capacity crowd is expected, please register at "            203 S. White Station Road

Feb 12-13. Special visitor at Chabad Memphis (Traditional Jewish). Dr. Laz.

Friday Feb 12, 6 PM - service, dinner, lecture "Skullcaps and Switchblades". Dinner $20 (free under 12)
Saturday 10 AM service - "Bridging the Black and Chassidic Communities of Crown Heights" (Service and lecture, free,
    some lunch provided.)
Saturday 7:30 PM _ Concert, Wine and Cheese, Desserts. $18 per person
Further info

February 14, Valentine's Day, Sunday. 2-3 PM Free Concert (Donations accepted for MIFA).
Dr Steve Katz and Dr Graham Warr, AMRO Music Auditorium, 2916 Poplar.

February 14, 4 PM - Concert, St Mary's Episcopal Cathedral. AMAZING GRACE - Organ, Bagpipes, and Choir.
  Free, donations accepted. Dennis Janzer on organ, Rob McWilliam on bagpipes. Memphis premier for this duo.

February 15 - proposal deadline for the Gandhi King Conference. See April 8 below.

January 26 - Feb 10. Tuesdays and Wednesdays. French Film Festival at Rhodes College. 7 PM A chance to see some very famous films, for free. English subtitles. Details and list at
Of interfaith interest: January 27, "Timbuktu."  This concerns the 2012 siege of Timbuktu, in Mali, by fundamentalistr Muslim fanatics. February 9, Parce que j’étais peintre/Because I was a Painter - about art produced by prisoner(s) in a concentration camp.  (Quick synopses not guaranteed, look them up.)

January 27, every Wednesday evening - program at Calvary Episcopal Church, downtown. Dinner at 6 PM, classes and special programs at 6:30, Compline service at 7:35.

Every Friday: The Qur'an, "Word for Word", commentary by Imam Anwar Arafat, Masjid Ar_Rahman,

7906 Lowrance Rd, Cordova.

February 6 and 7. Soulworks, at St. John's Episcopal. The Rev. Jay Sidebotham will be the third annual guest speaker at our upcoming SOULWorks Lecture Series 2016: Stumbling Our Way to Jesus! You won't want to miss this delightful and engaging opportunity to hear from one of the Episcopal Church's leading voices on spiritual renewal.

Saturday Feb. 6 - Lecture and Conversation with Jay Sidebotham in the Parish Hall.
9:00am - 3:00pm, lunch included (time subject to change)
Sunday Feb. 7 - Sunday School offering with Rev. Jay at 9:15am

February 7, Sunday. 10 AM - 1 PM Major fundraising day at the Jewish Community Center. 
Click here  for details

February 9 - Chinese New Year. 
Are there performances or other events we should list here?

February 9, 7:30 PM, Harris Concert Hall, U of Memphis. "Love Songs to Memphis". A free concert
to kick off the fund-raising campaign for the new Music Center for the University. I gather the state will put up $30 million if the university can raise $10 million.  Info about the new music center is at

February 9, 2nd Tuesday  , 7 PM  Pax Christi
, the Roman Catholic Peace Group
A presentation on the Muslim view of "Mercy", by Dr. Moinuddin. We expect other Muslims to join us for conversation.  Meeting at the Friends' Meeting House,  Prescott at Walnut Grove .  Pot luck supper at 6:30 pm   Newsletter is here

Feb 9. Fat Tuesday Dinner at Calvary Episcopal, downtown.
Calvary’s famous waffles, a waffle topping bar, red beans and rice, and other tasty food that will be prepared and served by Calvary’s youth from 5:30 p.m. to 7 p.m. $8 for adults and $5 for children under 12. All proceeds go to youth scholarship funds. This year there will be a photo booth, so please bring your best smiles and silly faces!

Feb 9 - Mardi Gras Party 7:30-9, St. Mary's Episcopal Cathedral,
  Beans and Rice, adult $7 child $5.

Ash Wednesday
- February 10th. Services at 8 am, 12 noon, 6 pm.    Stations of the Cross - Every Friday at 6 pm in the Nave

Feb 9 - Shove Tuesday supper at St. John's Episcopal - Pancakes, Syrup, Bacon. Donations accepted at the door. 5:30 PM

February 10. Ash Wednesday. Numerous church services.
St Mary's Episcopal has a nice 60-second online video at the upper left corner of

Feb 10, 9 am - 1 PM. Day of Recollection, led by Msgr. Al Kirk, at Our Lady Queen of Peace Retreat Center, Dancyville (about 50 miles toward Jackson, TN). $30. Register at

January 30, Saturday, 9:30-11:30. Turkish Breakfast and discussion of recent events in Turkey.
Turkish House,
7829 Wingate Park Cove, Memphis TN 38119. RSVP requested,
The talk is by Mehmet Ulupinar, Ph.D., International Partnership Coordinator, University of  Central Arkansas

January 30   Healthy Memphis Common Table Event -
      The Skin You're In: Dr. Thomas LaVeist Documentary Brunch, in partnership with NAHSE

       Date: Saturday, January 30
     Time: 11:30 a.m.
     Location: Owen Brennen's Restaurant
      Cost: Approximately $25 per person for brunch
       Dr. Thomas A. LaVeist, professor and founding director of the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Disparities Solutions and CTHA 2015 Annual Meeting    keynote speaker, explores the astonishing disparity between black and white health in America. LaVeist seeks to travel across the country to speak with educators, researchers, health experts and people on the ground who make a difference everyday and tell their story. 
For more information on LaVeist's documentary, please visit his website by clicking here. To RSVP for the brunch, please email here with the subject line "LaVeist Brunch".

 January 30   Chili Cook-Off and Variety Show, Episcopal Church of the Holy Communion. Walnut Grove between Perkins.

January 30, 8 PM, GPAC: Israeli Dance Group "Koresh" Ballet, Modern, Jazz styles. Charge for tickets. Temple Israel Sisterhood has a group going.

February 1 is the start of United Nations "World Interfaith Harmony Week".
There will be a major"international" prayer vigil for, among others, the starving children in Syria.  Local participation is being organized by Mona Winfrey of Unity Church of Practical Christianity. A relevant video is at
and a place to sign up for more detailed information is at

February 2 (First Tuesday). Potluck Supper and Speaker, Roman Catholic Ministry to Gays and Lesbians, 6:30 PM, Marian Hall (Social Hall underneath the sanctuary), Immaculate Conception Cathedral, Central.   All are welcome.   No need to bring food the first time you come.

February 2, 6:30 PM Fundraising Dinner - Mardi Gras Party. Calvary Episcopal Church downtown. Dress for Mardi Gras encouraged. Cajun Gumbo, vegetarian and seafood.$50, to benefit the Lenten Lecture Series.  RSVP by January 28 requested.

February 5 and 6 - Weekend with an outstanding Islamic Jurist. Masjid Ar-Rahman. Talks Friday 1 PM and 7:30 PM,
  Saturday 5:30 PM (dinner provided), Q and A session 7:30 PM. Live English translation for all sessions by Imam Anwar Arafat
7906 Lowrance Rd, Memphis TN 38125  A brief video about the speaker is at
February 6: Saturday, Healthy Memphis Common Table event:
Live! African-American Women Surviving Breast Cancer through Education, Early Detection, Screening and Treatment
      Date: Saturday, February 6 
     Time: 9:00 a.m. to 2 p.m.
      Location: Temple of Deliverance  (COGIC, 369 G.E. PATTERSON AVE.)
The 2nd Annual Live! Just as We Are Breast Cancer Summit is designed to unite, support and empower African-American women to take charge of their breast health.
Sponsored this year by Baptist Memorial Health Care, the event aims to gather as many as 500 black women of various ages, education levels and socioeconomic backgrounds. For more information, contact Baptist Communications Coordinator Ann-Marie Wallace at

January 27. The Annual POINT IN TIME count, the count of the homeless population. Volunteers are needed.

January 27 - fourth Wednesday Brown Bag Lunch, Temple Israel - The subject this month is Tu B'Shevat, the "Jewish Arbor Day", "The New Year for Trees." Cookies and drinks provided. Reserve at  or 761-3120 (Sylvia) 
Please reserve by Jan 26.

January 23, 10 AM. Mexican Folkloric Dance, Buckman Performing Center at St. Mary's, Perkins at Walnut Grove. Charge.
Tickets 537-1483 or

January 23, Annual dinner of the Mid-South Peace and Justice Center.  $30  for the 6 pm dinner, $10 or what-you-can for just the 7 PM program.  First Congregational Church.

January 23, 6 PM, Indian Cultural Center and Temple (Eads).  Sri Chakra Navavarna Archana

January 24, Sunday. 8:30 AM - 1:30 PM. Bloodmobile at Temple Israel.

January 24 at 4:00 pm   St. Mary's Episcopal  Cathedral, Poplar.
The Acclaimed St. Mary's Wednesday Morning Musicians
Now is your chance to hear the outstanding music presented each week at the 8 AM Eucharist in Sisters' Chapel which is followed by the Community Breakfast. The program will feature a wide variety of musical styles with instruments and vocals presented by musicians John Bass, John Gaskill, Sean Murphy, Jeremy Shrader, Jim Spake, and Claire Valine. A freewill offering will benefit the Community Breakfast.

January 1 - Events all day at the Indian Cultural Center and Temple, Eads.  Various prayer services starting at times from 6 AM to 6 PM - food available at nominal prices 9 AM to 8 PM. Information  tables, discussions, etc. In past years this has been a wonderful event, welcoming to non-Muslims, a good chance to visit and learn about the Hindu Temple. Highly Recommended!  In my experience, no one will try to convert you, but there will be people around who can answer questions.

January 3, Sunday evening, St. Mary's Episcopal Cathedral:    
Feast of Lights   Service and  BONFIRE 
4:30   Youth Event for grades 6-12. Hear from the Episcopal Service Corps members on service and prayer.
6:00   Feast of Lights service; Broderick Greer, preacher
This West Tennessee tradition includes all parishes for the celebration of Epiphany, the manifestation of Christ to the Gentiles. Following the service of Lessons and Carols, there is a bonfire to burn the Christmas greenery. Bring your Christmas trees and garland to add to the fire.

January 6, 6 PM  Epiphany Service, St John's Episcopal Church. Hymns and music.

Jewish Project culminating January 7:
All members of the Jewish community in Memphis, from kids through seniors, are asked to sign up to read at least one chapter of the Torah at your convenience so that our community, collectively, will cover the entire Torah. All Memphis congregations are participating. This is a great family project. No previous background is necessary. You may read your chapter in English, and online resources are available at or
 For additional information, contact Jewish Community Partners at (901) 767-7100.

January 7 - Health Memphis Common Table - Nonpartisan Community Forum re Gov. Haslam's Insure Tennessee Plan.
5:30 PM,
Baptist Memphis Education Center, 6027 Walnut Grove Road
"Please attend a community forum to educate constituents and legislators about and generate support for Insure Tennessee. Moderated by CTHA CEO Emeritus Renee Frazier, this non-partisan, community-based coalition is dedicated to thoughtful, thorough education on Governor Haslam's Insure Tennessee plan. To view the host committee, list of presenters and 65 organizational co-hosts, please click here.  "
For Rabbi Micah Greenstein's support of the plan, see a letter he wrote last October: 2.pdf

January 10 -

Maimonides Society Kick-off Event at the Grizzlies Game
Date: Sunday, January 10th @ 3:30 pm
Location: FedEx Forum
Are you a Jewish healthcare professional? Join us for a conversation with Grizzlies General Manager Chris Wallace before the Memphis Grizzlies take on the Boston Celtics. More details.

January 12 - Healthy Memphis Common Table event
Date: Tuesday, January 12
Registration: 8:30 a.m.
Program Begins: 9:00 a.m.
Location: First Baptist  Church - Broad Avenue

Join keynote speaker David Sweat, Chief of Epidemiology for the Shelby County Health Department, and guest speaker Beverly Robertson as they discuss the correlation between zip code and health disparity in Memphis and Shelby County. Register today by visiting

January 12 (2nd Tuesday) Pax Christi, the Roman Catholic Peace group, meets at the Friends' Meeting House,  Walnut Grove at Prescott. 3387 Walnut Grove

January 14, Noon.  Jewish Community Center. Fund-Raiser for Jewish Community Partners. $18, Gov. Bill Haslam will speak about his recent trip (trade mission) to Israel. RSVP by Jan 7, 767-7100 or at

January 17, 2016. World Religion Day.
contact us at: Saci 201-759-8617                   FACEBOOK: World Religion Day Memphis

Join us in music and celebration of World Religion Day, a celebration of all faiths and paths. Free event open to all!
This year's theme was inspired by HH Sri Viswayogi Viswamji of the Viswayogi Foundation: "Arise, Awake & Unite" to Save Mother Earth."
The program will include brief prayers from ten different religious groups offering blessing of Mother Earth, interfaith speakers, various musical performances & video presentation of Viswamji.
World Religion Day is an interfaith observance initiated in 1950 by the National Spiritual Assembly of the Bahá'ís of the United States, celebrated worldwide on the third Sunday in January each year. Though initiated in the United States, World Religion Day has come to be celebrated internationally.
       Musical Performances:   Keith Anthony Blanchard         The Open Heart Choir     Roger Wild     Barbara Jenice   
                                                 Christine Conley
                    Chris Cuminotti               Julie Christen
Speaker: Linda Marks, Inter-Faith & Community Outreach, MIFA
Presenters/Co-founders World Religion Day Memphis: Sydney Sacirani Roy & John Gilmore

Roger Wild-Music Director, World Religion Day Memphis

January 17, 2 PM Jewish Historical Society of Memphis and Midsouth, Lecture at Baron Hirsch Synagogue, 400 S. Yates.
Gene Dattel: Beyond Ruleville Mississippi: A Delta Jew Discovers the North.

January 17, 2 PM  Fairgrounds Tour, presented by Jimmy Ogle  (click for details)

     An outstanding tour guide, important Memphis History

January 19 (third Tuesday) Writer Group at Holy Communion Episcopal.
Walnut Grove between Perkins. "New Beginnings"

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