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ABOUT  MEMPHIS INTER-RELIGIOUS GROUP                                                    updated March 4 2019

About 2006, a group of people from Temple Israel, Balmoral Presbyterian Church, and Masjid As-Salam in Memphis, Tennessee began to meet together, just to get to know one another better.  Out of this has grown the Memphis Inter-Religious Group, a group of ordinary members rather than religious leaders of these houses of worship and others, seeking to better relationships between faiths. Visits back and forth and social events have led to increasing confidence in working together.  These contacts have had real benefits for the community. Following one local dispute, we were able to get differing groups to work together to bring a satisfactory resolution. One local leader said, "what could have been a real catastrophe turned out to be a major success story for interfaith cooperation."

We have discussed genuinely difficult questons.  Could any of us have imagined, that before a street demonstration protesting the Israeli bombing and invasion of Gaza, some Muslims would have asked some Jews, "Can you look at our proposed signs and leaflets, to be sure that they are anti-Israeli but not anti-Jewish?"  While this was not necessarily a comfortable assignment for the Jews, it was such a remarkable interaction that we almost wish we could announce it from the rooftops.

If you are interested in contacting the organizers or being invited to (rare) meetings,  click here.

Note:  If you have a bulletin board or other place where you can post some of these events, we'd appreciate it.  We'll like it even more if you tell us where you are posting it and give feedback for what you'd like on the poster.  If you'd like a one-page printable pdf of events, or some other arrangement, contact me, e-mail  I try to get things onto this page as soon as I can; check it pretty regularly. 

October 2013: The Memphis Commercial Appeal had a very nice long article about the Ordmans, we have a copy of the text here at

August 2011: The people at have reorganized their website. The piece about Heartsong Church is now at
and the love letter to the Ordmans is now at 

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    A book list - books we have found helpful in understanding other traditions. What do other groups use in their Sunday Schools or equivalents? 


Masjid As-Salam                Muslim Student Association, Univ of Memphis  (I need more information...)
Balmoral Presbyterian Church        Chaplain, Rhodes College (is there a better place to list here?)
Temple Israel                      Hillel (Student organization, University of Memphis)
Memphis Jewish Federation (has links to other Jewish groups and agencies)
Muslims in Memphis (an umbrella organization)
Memphis Islamic Center  (among other things, good on-line videos)
Jewish Historical Society of Memphis and the Mid-South  (sponsors interesting lectures.)
Workers Interfaith Network:
See many more links to houses of worship on our ADDRESSES page. Click here.

There are quite a few interesting classes, meetings, support groups at the Jewish Community Center.
See the listing at

There is no way I can list here all the interesting"regular"events of The Church Health Center. If you have not checked  it for awhile, read their events list at
        A recent e-mail from them is found here

There is a nice list of "50 free things to do in Memphis" at

The  list of events at the Ben Hooks Institute, U of Memphis, is online at

MICAH is the Memphis Interfaith Coalition for Action and Hope. Their events list is at

Some other resources:
Please give us your opinion on whether we should have here pointers to other religious groups,
perhaps some of the lesser-known ones, in the Memphis area.
E.g., did you know there was a Sikh group in Memphis?
We have Vietnamese Buddhists - for example
and Tibetan Buddhists very active in the local Peace movement -

Some Reference Material (for discussions)

3/2010 A recent article about activist Eboo Patel
3/2010 A summary of and pointer to A Common Word
3/2010 Reading the Old Testament with Palestinian Eyes. (Remarks by Eunice Ordman on a paper by Frederic Bush)
See also the material appearing on our Facebook page, MIRG, at
5/2018   An interesting discussion of how German physicians came to cooperate with the Nazis.  click here for the report.
5/2018  An interesting Roman Catholic prayer, with references to the environment:
3/2019   Some comments on the traditional (anti-homosexual) position taken by the United Methodist Church  

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