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USEFUL ADDRESSES                                                      updated   9/14/2019
(places the events list refers to often enough to not repeat the addresses there every time.)

Anshei Sphard Beth El Emeth Synagogue, "Asbee". 120 East Yates Rd North (north of Walnut Grove).

Balmoral Presbyterian Church: 6413 Quince Road (near Kirby and Quince, west of Kirby and near the Kirby exit of Bill Morris Parkway, US 395)\     PC-USA    Building shared with Circle of Faith (which is primarily African-American).

Baron Hirsch Synagogue: 400 S. Yates Rd, Memphis, TN 38120 phone 901-683-SHUL. Not conspicuous from Yates Road, but there is a marker on the driveway on the east side of Yates a short distance south of the traffic light at Shady Grove Rd. This leads to the back of the parking lot. If you are trying to drop someone at the front door, the better "front" entry route is through Winter Oak Lane. off the south side of Shady Grove Rd at the foot of the hill east of the Yates - Shady Grove intersection.

Beth Sholom Synagogue:  6675 Humphreys Blvd, at the north end of Kirby.  901-683-3591.

Bridges: 477 North Fifth Street. Memphis, TN 38105
  Just north of St. Jude Hospital.

Calvary Episcopal Church,  102 N. Second Street,  Memphis, TN 38103, heart of downtown. 901.525.6602
Lenten Sermon Archive at!/swx/pp/media_archives/202604/channel/3477
(Short art./architecture tours of the church after the short service Wednesdays 12:05 PM)

Caritas Village, 2509 Harvard Ave (Binghampton). 901-327-5246.  A meeting place and cafe used by a great many interfaith and charitable groups for meetings and events.
Its web site can be tricky to navigate, try

Chabad Lubavitch of Tennessee, (synagogue) 2670 Kirby Parkway, closer to Bill Morris Parkway (US 395) than to Poplar,

Church Health Center, has moved to Crosstown Concourse, the former Sears Building,
495 North Watkins Street  (actually at the north end of Cleveland St, where it ends at North Parkway)
The former Wellness Center at 1115 Union Ave will remain but find another operator (YMCA or a hospital?)
Their magazine is online at
Church of the Holy Communion (Episcopal).  4645 Walnut Grove, between the Perkins-es, at St. Mary's School.

Clayborn Temple  https://www.clayborn      294 Hernando Street, 38126      Just south of Beale St.

Crosstown Concourse,
the former Sears Building, houses quite a few charities.
495 North Watkins Street  (actually at the north end of Cleveland St, where it ends at North Parkway)

First Baptist Church, 100 East Parkway North (at Poplar)

First Congregational Church: 1000 South Cooper, Memphis TN 38104, south of Cooper and Young, South of Union.    This large building houses a number of non-profit groups.  

Friends Meeting House, Walnut Grove at Prescott.   Memphis Friends Meeting  3387 Walnut Grove Road  Memphis, TN 38111
This provides meeting facilities for several other groups, e.g. Pax Christi.
"We wanted to make sure you have current contact information for Memphis Friends Meeting. Our web address continues to be
However, our new email address is"

Heartsong Church: 800 North Houston Levee Road, Cordova, TN 38018 (North of the far east end of Walnut Grove.)    Near Memphis Islamic Center, developing common land between them.   

Hope Church  (Presbyterian, very large)  8500 Walnut Grove Rd., Memphis 38018. 901-755-7721    

Idlewild Presbyterian Church 
• 1750 Union Avenue • Memphis TN 38104 • Office 901-726-4681 •    PC-USA

Immaculate Conception Cathedral. 
1695 Central Ave.   
   Marian Hall, where the pot-luck suppers are, is under the sanctuary. The best place to park is in the rear, drive around the block to the p[arking lot, enter downstairs on the saide and take the stairs or elevator down.

Indian Cultural Center and Temple (Hindu):
12005 Highway 64 E, Eads, TN 38028.  (Rt. 64 leads east from Exit 18 on I-40, driving time from midtown Memphis is about half an hour.) Just west of the US 64 exit on I-269
    Typical daily schedule as of June 2018:
    When visiting the Indian Temple, I've found it appropriate to dress conservatively (long pants or skirt, no blue jeans, long sleeves.  I've always been welcomed warmly and felt comfortable. But I thought people might be interested in the "dress guide" that the ICCT has put out for its own members, so I've put it here at ICCTdress.png

Jewish Community Center:  6560 Poplar, just west of Kirby.

Masjid As-Salaam: 1065 Stratford Road, Memphis, TN 38122  At the foot of Covington Pike, just south of the corner of McCrory.

Masjid An-Noor: 3529 Mynders Ave, Memphis, TN 38111 (Between U of Memphis and Highland)     Shares leadership with Masjid Ar_Rahman,  Is allowed to use the parking lot and has some
common functions with St, Luke's United Methodist Church. 

Masjid Ar-Rahman :  7906 Lowrance Rd, Memphis 38125,   (near I-385 and Hacks Cross)    901-756 -4794

Mosques (I think this is a complete list, at least of the Sunni mosques)
     Masjid Al-Mu’Minum 4412 south Third St, Memphis, TN 3810
    Masjid Ar-Rahman 7906 Lowrance Road, Memphis, TN 38125
    Memphis Islamic Center 10225 Humphrey Road, Cordova, TN 38018
    Masjid As-Salaam Muslim Society of Memphis 1065 Stratford Road, Memphis, TN 38122
    Masjid Al-Muslimeen 3141 Directors Row, Memphis, TN 38131
    Midtown Mosque  1288 Jackson Ave, Memphis, TN 38107
    Masjid Al-Noor 3529 Mynders Ave, Memphis, TN 381117 (901) 432-0761
     Starting October 13, 2017. 4-Church Health Center will offer a weekly Muslim prayer service ("Juma", the major weekly service for Muslims) at 1 PM
 in the Church Health Meditation Chapel. All are welcome. The Church Health Meditation Chapel is located on the first floor of Crosstown Concourse, 1350 Concourse Ave.

Phone # : 901-756-4794

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- See more at:

7906 Lowrance Rd, Memphis, TN 38125

Phone # : 901-756-4794

General Email:

Imam Email:

- See more at:
Memphis Islamic Center: 10225 Humphreys Road, Cordova, TN 38018, just east of Houston Levee Road north of the east end of Walnut Grove.    Near Heartsong Church, developing common land between them.    

MIFA: (Metropolitan Inter-Faith Association) 910 Vance Avenue, Memphis, TN  38126. South of Linden, South of Union. Parking lot extends to Peabody.

MidSouth Peace and Justice Center:      3573 Southern Ave. Memphis, TN 38111

Or Chadash Conservative Synagogue, 6629 Massey Lane, 901-435-6353

Pema Karpo Meditation Center (Tibetan Buddhist): 3921 Frayser Raleigh Road, Memphis, TN 38128. This is a continuation of Yale Road west of Austin Peay Hwy. and Raleigh-Millington Rd.
Pema Karpo Meditation Center (Buddhist) now streams its Friday evening and Sunday morning programs.

Pleasant View School: 1888 Bartlett Road, Memphis. North of Pleasant View Road, which runs between Covington Pike and Sycamore View. Or follow it north from the miniature gold course on Summer east of I-240.      (The Muslim day school)

Second Presbyterian Church,  4055 Poplar (at Goodlett, Poplar, & Central)      EPC 

Shady Grove Presbyterian Church,  5530 Shady Grove Rd, Memphis, TN 38120  (On East Yates at Shady Grove, between Walnut Grove and Poplar.)

St. Francis Hospital, 5959 Park  Ave. (west of Ridgeway),

Saint John’s Episcopal Church  3245 Central Avenue | Memphis, Tennessee 38111
Phone (901) 323-8597

St. Luke's United Methodist Church   480 S. Highland Memphis, TN, 38111Phone:  901-452-6262    (the parking lot in back is generously shared with Masjid An-Noor,
the mosque located the street at 3529 Mynders Ave.)  

St. Mary's Episcopal Cathedral, 700 Poplar Ave, Memphis, TN  38105,  (901) 527-6123.  Across the parking lot is the excellent Episcopal Book Store.

Temple Israel: 1376 E. Massey Road, Memphis, TN 38120, parallel to and west of Kirby Pkwy. north of Poplar, south of Humphreys Blvd.
Temple Israel also has a meeting room used for their own and interfaith events, unstairs in the Crosstown Concourse (Address above).

Workers Interfaith Network:

Please let me know of other things that should be included.